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Haunted Lighthouse Lego Set Build-Its


The gang comes up to a spooky lighthouse. Lightening streaks across the sky… Shaggy and Scooby are shaking in their spots… Their bones rattling to the sound of the thunder above them. Up from the side cliff comes the Swamp Creature… Groaning loudly and hurdling itself towards the two. Shaggy and Scooby run for cover towards the lighthouse… Leaving Daphne to fend for herself… As the duel scaredy cats entered into the lighthouse, they are in for another surprise… the Creeper of the Lighthouse! And so the story begins.

This is the Lego set Haunted Lighthouse. It has 437 pieces, for 6-12 year olds.

This set comes with Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne.

With the the first villian being the Swamp Creature from The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries called “Scoo-Be or Not Scoo-Be?” (To Watch)

And the second villian being the Creeper from the What’s New, Scooby-Doo called “Fright House of a Lighthouse” (To Watch)

To buy the Lego Movie Scooby-Doo Haunted Hollywood:

To buy the lego set:

Two Guys Hang out Building a Bench


This week, Lydon and I hung out while he built his new workbench that he bought at Sam’s Club.  He did a lot of research, so he was happy to have it recorded when he finally got to put it together.

I was recording it using this cheap shoulder rig (located here), and I think it worked out pretty well.  We’ll be wandering around a bit more, and this thing should let us have endurance for long shoots.  What it doesn’t really do, is act as a steadycam, so I’ll be buying one of those when we’re going for smoothness more than endurance.

As Lydon and I hung out, we started talking about fame, cosplay, and how we’re all heroes to our dog (kids, nephews/nieces,etc) and how if we just tried to live up to the expectations they have for us, we’d all be doing pretty good!

As we were talking, I realized that we’re in some sort of awesome renaissance where most people can pursue their dreams and passions.  I think the most important thing about the Age we’re living in, is trying to live your life to its fullest, not how many twitter followers you have.  If we’re all doing the best we can, we can all help push each other to do more and be more than our previous generations expected.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, I like to think you’re hanging out with us as we ponder life’s mysteries.  Oh, and Lydon also gives a pretty glowing review of the workbench, though he wants to update it in 6 months after he makes sure its everything he expects it to be.

The difficulties women have finding jobs in IT

In December of last year (2015), I had to lay off two employees.  We had expected the loss of one customer (they wanted to migrate to a single system and while my day-job’s software is awesome in many ways, we don’t support all types of insurance so they made the right decision.), but hadn’t expected the loss of another customer as they had unexpectedly merged with another company.  Layoffs are always hard, both for the managers and the employees, but part of being an executive is making those kinds of tough decisions when life throws a curveball at the company.

Of the two employees, I laid off, one of them was my wife.  A lot of people would say it’s hard to lay off your spouse or family member, or say this is why you don’t hire friends & family, or maybe think that to do otherwise would show favoritism; but honestly, you have to make the best decision for everyone involved, and I thought it was the right choice.

How I came to the decision was by calculating a lot of different variables, the two most important of which was who has the most redundant skills at work and who could most easily make it to another job.  That is how I balanced my obligation to the company (removing redundant skills would have minimal effect on what we could accomplish but would limit how much we could accomplish) with my other obligation of the well-being of my employees.

My wife is a highly skilled developer in the arena of business intelligence, project management, and even just plain relational SQL.  She has a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics, four years of developing in a very complex relational database, and extensive experience managing software applications, developing training programs, and customer expectations.   Unfortunately, we didn’t use her for most of those skills, though we often wished we were at the stage in our corporate growth that we could, we just weren’t (and aren’t) there yet.   She probably was the second most advanced SQL developer in a company where EVERYONE knows and uses SQL, but that still meant that her useful skillset was somewhat redundant.   She also, I had assumed, be able to easily walk onto another job.

Unfortunately, here I am, seven months later, watching my wife struggle to find a job.  She did, indeed, find another job nearly immediately.  It was awesome, really an upgrade from working for me in many ways.  More pay, equal benefits, a work environment that was supposed to be more caring about each other.

Unfortunately, the same week that she was hired, her boss was fired and this old-school Italian guy became her manager.  This guy couldn’t stand a woman in his department, and a month later, when “HR” training of the boss didn’t work, they gave her 30 days severence and 2 months of job placement services.  I don’t know how that works, but I guess with both employees being new, she was lucky for what she got, in a right to work state, the manager technically could have just walked her to the door.

Still, its been 5 months without work, what is going on?  A few things.  First, she gets the “you’re over-qualified” a lot.  She is willing to compromise on salary, in fact, has indeed several times applied to positions with low salaries where she would have been rewarded emotionally for being able to be in a good company.  Still, I get it from the perspective of a person who hires people, you see someone so eminently qualified, the last thing you want to do is train them up, then see them be dissatisfied with their pay, and leave.

Second, she is sometimes lacking some random skillset that they’ve decided her position should have.  For example, maybe they post that they want a SQL DBA, but they really want a C# full stack developer.  She could do C#, JavaScript, whatever, but her school, her skillset, it all leads to SQL and data analysis.  If someone would hire her for lower salary as a C# person so she could get up to speed, she’d do it, but that isn’t what they want.

The previous two things happen to anyone right? Male or female, you might lose out on a position for these reasons.  This next reason is more particular to women, and I believe, particular to IT.  What I really started this to write about, is the way people react to a potential female IT employee.

When I thought she could easily get another job, it hadn’t even occurred to me that her gender would have anything to do with how easily or difficult it would be for her to get another position.  But here it is.  I see her apply, be told that she has all the right skillsets and more, only to strike out on the 3rd interview.  The 3rd interview (or sometimes 4th) is usually a personality fit interview.  This is where a bunch of people who often don’t know what you do, decide on whether or not they’d like to work with you.

My wife is a social geek.  Unlike myself, who would prefer to be in a dark room alone, she LIKES to talk.  So these personality interviews, should be good for her. In fact, she is often complimented on her social skills by recruiters, the first couple interviews (usually by the people who are testing her for her technical abilities)..Until the ‘personality’ interviews.  She seems to fumble with two primary types (who often turn out to be the decision makers over the technical people).  Female executives and non-geek male executives  For reference (in case you haven’t seen the rest of her content on this site), her particular type of Geekness is that she likes to bake, edit videos, build Legos, and yes, she likes working on tough data problems.

Here is how the interview goes: Things go well at first.  She chats, gets people chuckling, and the interviews go for a long time, even hours.  But at some point, there is a point where she sees people’s face fall and go from laughing and chatting to serious and end the interview.

“what do you like to do in your spare time?”

Anna, “baking, sewing, playing video games.  I usually bring baked treats in anywhere I work, people say they love my cake pops!”

Male executive 1, “I love treats! he he he.  I watch football”

Male executive 2, “watch basketball and football”

Male engineer 3, “work on SQL…and watch football”

Really?  Work on SQL in your spare time? Really?  I get it that you could be writing a book about SQL, could be learning new versions of SQL, or I don’t know, maybe building an application utilizing SQL.  But SQL is about “doing”, I doubt you’re “working on SQL” in your spare time unless you’re saying you don’t have any spare time and are ‘just working’.

Anyways, so then sometimes alternatively she’ll have interviews with potential female bosses.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but women are bitches to each other.  No, I don’t often swear, but if it is appropriate, I won’t hesitate, and in this case, I can’t describe it any other way.

In my opinion, men are hyper-competitive but are team focused.  Women are hyper-competitive, but mostly snipe at direct competitors, and they seem to often view other women as competitors.  When a woman manager interviews a potential employee, there is NO reason to tell the potential employee that they’re better in SQL than that person.  Really, there is no reason to tell ANYONE that you’re better than that person, let your results speak for themselves.

Woman executive, “So, how would you perform this Y task within X deadline?”

Anna, “{Talks about SQL} This is what I would do to focus on performance and efficiency, while still completing it within by the deadline”

Woman executive, “That’s not as good a way as how I would do it, but ok”

Anna, “How would you do it so I can know?”

Woman executive, “I don’t really do that kind of work anymore since becoming a manager”

Anna, “…”  silent thought bubble then what is your point?

Or alternatively, like in the earlier example.

woman executive, “what do you like to do in your spare time?”

Anna, “baking, sewing, playing video games. I usually bring baked treats in anywhere I work, people say they love my cake pops!””

Woman executive, “Everyone likes my baking”

Anna, “…”

Wait, did someone say that Anna’s baking is better?  Or that someone didn’t like your baking?  Did it somehow threaten your femininity by suggesting that Anna brings in baked goodies?

Well… the fact of the matter is, Anna will bake and throw away 5 cheesecakes in one day just to get one perfect one, so yes, her baking probably IS better.  But why argue about it? Why are women bitches to each other?

It isn’t like this for guys, at least not in my experience.  When a guy says he likes to play video games in his spare time, the sports guys just look sadly at the “Geek”.  But actually, in many cases, the extroverts are proud of having a “Geek” in their corner, so they get hired BECAUSE of the sad geek that they are.  They’d proudly show me off like a prized pig, this strange creature that works on fixing the toughest problems and working late nights and weekends.  I was ok that a lot of them were subtly making fun of me even as they relied on me to fix their toughest problems.  The reality is, I make more than most of those people now, by being ME, not by pretending to be something else.

And to be fair, I am similarly hard to get past the culture fit when I interview people for positions.  The fact of the matter is, if someone tells me during the “personality” fit interview, that they don’t do anything technical in their spare time, then I won’t hire them.  Period.

It doesn’t matter if they seem like a good fit, unless they’re the “only” applicant, I just won’t hire them.  If I hire someone who plays sports in his spare time, then that means I probably have to pay to train that person.  I wish I had the budget for training, but I don’t, so I really need to know that everyone is a technical enthusiast that is keeping their skills sharp.

But for women, it doesn’t seem to work that way.  I’ve given her some advice, ways to “frame” the conversation as a “yes”.  My thought process is that I don’t want to do more interviews than I need to, so really, the faster I can say “yes” and hire someone, the better, I just need a reason to, or at least no reason to say “no”.

So here was my advice to her.

“You’re from Wisconsin, you love supporting the Packers, its ok to say Go Packers!, even though you really only watch a few minutes a year”

“Talk about the technical things you do.  You spend more time in Adobe Premiere than anything else, week after week.  Say that.  Don’t just say ‘I make YouTube videos’, at least not until they ask, because visualizing someone working long hours carefully editing video gives a different perception than someone staring into a camera and talking about their day”.  (Yes, ironically I’m the one who stares into the camera and randomly talks about whatever is going on in my life, where-as Anna does focused videos specifically doing something, but I’m cool with this dichotomy).

“If you feel like the crowd is open to it, talk about the props you design, building things with your hands that look like they come from movie sets can resonate with guys”

“Don’t say anything that sounds feminine around a woman, they’re usually bitches and will think its an attack on how good they are at the same things.  Instead, talk about anything they’re likely NOT to do. “

I don’t know if I gave good advice, I hope it was.  I only gave it a few weeks ago, so only time will tell.  Be cautious before applying my advice to your situation, I gave this advice because she regularly makes it to the final interview, THEN is told that everything was great, but they just decided on someone else.  Later discussions will reveal that she was the stronger technical choice, she either was “late” (she is often submitted for a position after someone else was already the favorite) or the CEO or other executive just flat-out preferred a different candidate.  If she wasn’t making it this far, I’d give her different advice related to working on her resume or framing her skillset differently.

I still feel like she is struggling more than any guy would for the same positions.   When I laid her off, I hadn’t even taken her gender into the equation.  I assumed that her being “awesome” would be enough for her to easily find a new job.  And I think she “could” succeed at getting the same job positions in other job markets, just perhaps not easily here in Vegas.   She has been told many times that she would easily find a position in Seattle, and headhunters keep wanting to submit her to jobs there.  The reality is, we may have to look at moving to a more IT-friendly city.  

As a native Las Vegan, that depresses me, because I “wanted” to believe we were growing up as an IT-friendly city, but it feels like its still old.  We’re exploring some other options, perhaps she just isn’t getting in front of the “modern” companies, but four months is a long time, and we’re definitely considering all options.

Komrades in Arms: Sattelite Reign with FiveCore

I’m trying something a little different here.  Let me know if you like it.  Or hate it.  I suppose it would be interesting to know that you had no opinion one way or the other.

This is my second game in my FiveCore Satellite Reign campaign.  This time it’s an escort mission.  Get the former corp guy into the UZYKORP lab to steal a prototype weapon.  We gave our charge an empty pistol.  Don’t want him getting himself hurt.  I should mention that I’m not using random events, as there’s too much to keep track of on my own as it is.  Also, since I’ve only got four guys, the activation level (guys activated on a normal turn) is ‘2’.

This game idea might actually be better with Nordic Weasel’s “Starport Scum“, a more RPG-ish offering, but that’s still in beta, and besides, I like FiveCore.  It’s pretty flexible.

So, here we go…


Sweet Tips – Pumpkin Pie Essence

The scent of spices floating in the air makes me think of autumn, thanksgiving and pumpkin pie!

In this episode, you will learn how to make a delicious Pumpkin Pie essence. This essence is more of a puree that has been condensed.  The puree can then be an ingredient in pumpkin pies, cakes, breads, cheesecakes, cookies and even frostings.

It could also be made into lotions, scrubs and a few other skin care products.

It is so easy to do and makes your house smell like the holidays!


Pumpkin Pie Essence

Ingredients in Order of Usage:

1 – 15 oz can of unsweetened pumpkin puree

1 ½ tsps. Ground cinnamon

¼ tsp ground nutmeg

⅛ tsp ground cloves

1 tsp of finely ground sea salt

Directions on Pumpkin Pie Essence

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat.  Stir constantly as you cook the mixture. You will want to reduce this mixture to about 1 ½ cups.  This mixture can burn, so again I say, stir constantly.

This will get you a very concentrate pumpkin pie flavoring.  It should be much darker than the original pumpkin puree.

For items used in this video


Las Vegas Amazing Comic Con Review & Photos

We went to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this last weekend (June 17th through June 19th).  This is our third year going, and something big changed this year, the convention moved from SouthPoint to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This big change was somewhat expected, because last year it felt like the convention had outgrown the available space in Southpoint.  On the flip side, this year it felt like LVCC had both a lot of space and was limited.  At the LVCC, there is no limit on space…probably ever.  I’m sure the San Diego comic con could fit inside the LVCC with room to spare, the area was so big that I think there were 2 other conventions and I saw no sign of them.

The main floor had huge swathes of space, more than enough room for the crowds to navigate easily.   On the other hand, the panel rooms were tiny and seemed like they had limited electronic support (it seemed like most panels didn’t have enough microphones) and the main room could have been bigger.  The main room did have a nice big display panel and did have a nice stage, it just felt smaller than I’d like.  At the Southpoint, the main show area had its own restroom, and here restrooms were either hidden or far away from the main floor.

The Main Floor

As always, whats really cool about ALVCC’s floor, in many ways most of the Las Vegas geek conventions, is the opportunity to really talk with people at their booths.  You can hang out with artists and it doesn’t feel “rushed” in the same way that the “mega” cons do.  Try to compare a con like this with any of the mega cons, and of course the mega cons have big names and cool reveals, but if you want to feel like you can interact with some of the coolest most down to earth people, you gotta be at a cozy con like this!


The cosplay community seemed much better served by being at LVCC vs Southpoint because of the massive amount of air-conditioned space just outside the main room and no hotel security with ridiculous restrictions such as no face makeup (I understand that the Southpoint is a casino and has different restrictions because of it, I just don’t care).  If it was Wondercon, I’d imagine the cosplayers hanging out in that huge space, with photo ops and/or just really chatting and goofing around.  I would just wish it had some indoor fountains or something to act as backdrops.  If they were going to invite a cosplay hangout out there, I’d want to bring in some stage props or something so that people have better photography opportunities.


Parking was obviously worse than at the Southpoint.  You pay 10 bucks and you end up having to walk further.  Wondercon this year had quite the walk too (because the LA convention center straddles a street), but you could walk internally to the convention center, where-as at the Las Vegas convention center, everyone was walking in 100 degree temperatures “OUTSIDE” a nice conveniently cool building that is presumably all connected.  To be fair, the LVCC is like a small city, and they probably don’t want people lost inside the mega-complex, but I think they should have it open and encourage people to use it to navigate from where they paid “10 bucks!” to park.  This is especially true for cosplayers, fully body makeup and 100+ temperatures aren’t a good combination!


The food was a mixed bag.  On one hand, a full Starbucks was just outside the doors, a Nathans and a s’borro pizza.  I thought that these were conveniently close and decent.  There was also a cafeteria that has food that “looked” decent, but in reality, is like eating airport food.  However, the cafe and the Starbucks closed on Saturday with still 5 hours left of the ComicCon. There was a wanna-be Starbucks concession inside the main floor, but it only had small snacks; which wouldn’t have made a meal. Due to the parking situation, we never “left” and came back.  I did think it might have been cool to take the monorail to the strip, eat, and come back, but we didn’t have time and it just never did worked out.

I think the only reasonable solution, is to get some food trucks in there.  Can’t leave, isn’t enough (actually any) fresh food there, they need to bring in healthy or at least fresh food in for us (that we’d pay for).


Ok, I’ll admit it, I wasn’t hyped for the panels.  There were only 2 meeting rooms, and they weren’t very well described.  Then Friday I ended up watching the video game fight, and that actually turned out to be a lot of fun. And of course I stayed and watched the Library Bards show, because I’m a super fanboy for them!  If not for them, I wouldn’t have ended up watching the video game fight, in the end I liked that they closed off both Friday and Saturday.Saturday I ended up spending the majority of the day sitting in panels.

Saturday I went in wondering what I was going to do all day, because surely the rooms wouldn’t be able to keep me entertained.  Then what happens? Saturday I ended up spending the majority of the day sitting in panels.  I was literally in panels from I think 2pm until 9pm (including the cosplay contest).  ALVCC won me over with the panels.  Xander was a great panelist, as was Alana (I don’t know how to spell her name or how to follow her writing online, please someone correct me, the pretty blonde with clever wordplay/puns who hosted the cosplay convention with Emma, I know she does something with DC news Thanks everyone, name corrected and I’ve added her now on twitter!), Michael Coleman (from Tales of the Extraordinary, dang, I hadn’t listened to them in a while, now I have to go back through and listen starting from the beginning) and others I saw were all awesome.

One of the panels,  I sat in a room with Brian Haberlin and learned more in 1 hour than I’d learned in the past few years about digital tools with comic design. Wow, I left so invigorated and excited about what I’d do with what I learned.

I want more panels, and I want them to be so exciting that the rooms are full.  But…I want cozy panels where I sit around listening to people like Xander, Alana, and Michael just talking about comic book movies.  It felt like sitting with friends, instead of sitting in a crowd of 100+ people like at Wondercon.  It was really cool.


Ok, I’m a total Library Bards fanboy, so you can’t really trust my opinion in this paragraph, but dang, Bonnie and Xander were GOOD this year.  Happy, relaxed, not losing their voice (sorry, but last year Bonnie was losing her voice a bit, not blaming, just was happy she was in top form this weekend!).  With some new songs that I thought was really good.  I’m counting any song that they didn’t sing at last year’s ALVCC, as “new” even if they had some of the “new” ones online or at other cons.  They had a booth, things for sale, and are so personable!  My wife and I have a major crush on them I think.  Our friend Kim commented “That Bonnie seems like a super fun person just to hang out with”.  Thats part of what makes them so cool!

They didn’t wear their traditional outfit on Saturday…which I thought was an improvement. I thought they were more relaxed and “themselves”, the cosplay outfit they were is neat (which they wore on Friday), but I think their shirts and matching jeans was great!

I really wanted one of their shirts, but I had spent my budget by the time I made it to their booth, and was trying to be “good” this year (we always go crazy spending at conventions).  Then overspent anyways at the food area because I underestimated exactly how much it would cost.  I would have gotten dramatically better value out of the shirt. :/

What I would do differently

Ok, here is just a few things in no particular order

  • Put up signs!  Dang, no one outside of the geek community seemed to know about it.  I kept trying to explain that it was happening, but people kept forgetting.  There were literally “no” signs outside of the convention, so no random driving by and getting interested in it.
  • Food trucks! We need fresh food!
  • Signs downstairs saying where the meeting rooms were with maybe what their schedule was (then again, with the rooms being so tiny, maybe they didn’t want people to know lol).
  • More details about the panels so we know if we want to do it or not.  Do it in a digital form (like eventbrite) or whatever so that you can update it whenever you want.  At one point I ended up in the Sailor Moon panel when I wanted to in the panel talking about comic book movies.
  • Line up the floor better!  We like to go up and down each lane so that we can guarantee that we’ve seen everything.  Here everything was wobbly so we had to keep circling.
  • Have a board game area!  I love being able to stop off and try a new board game.  I’d volunteer to help organize something here, this is one of my most serious areas.
  • if you can’t get food trucks, try to find a way to afford the Mandalay Bay, better food available.

And with that, here are some of the photos I took.  200 of them are below, but we took around 800, if anyone wants more, I can share some and/or the originals, just contact me and I’ll put them up in the cloud somewhere (or here).  This is our first mega gallery, so this was somewhat of an experiment and apparently, in no particular order (unfortunately).


Check out more photos on Facebook!

Be wary of being part owner of a company TLDR How I lost about 30k


In 2004, me and a friend made a lot of money selling our first real house.  In 2007 I got suckered into investing in a Hollywood movie, Dark Honeymoon.

It was on netflix, I’ve since found it isn’t anymore.  Good riddance.  You might be able to find it somewhere, its an absolutely horrible movie.

Here is the IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0783501/

I love that the writer and director changed his name for this crapfest.  Yes David O’Malley, IMDB knows it was you and I’m spreading the word!  And yes, Alpine Pictures, you screwed people and I hope this post dissuades at least one person from ever investing in anything you guys do.

Watch the video how I not only lost 25k, but then paid taxes on the money I didn’t make to the tune of about another 5k.







Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Lego Set



“Well, the Alliance stole one of our Imperial shuttles, sir,” the guard said.
“WHAT! How could you let that happen?” the sith questioned, raising his arm and holding out his hand facing the guard.
“WAIT… sir… I’m just the messenger, not the one…ACK!!! GURGLE…” the guard chokes on the his last words.


So the Tydirium was stolen by the Alliance and then provided to Han Solo and his team to go down to Endor and destroy the generators that protected the Death Star II.

This was an amazing build. I was super excited that Lydon let me take it and put it together.

My likes:

1) How all the doors, wings and cockpit all snapped in place.
2) Open all the doors and move the wings and guns on the ship.
3) The ease of putting minifigs into the ship.

My Dislikes:
1) The stickers.
2) The stickers.
3) Did I mention the stickers?

Where to buy this awesome set?


Hope you enjoy!

How to Setup the Xenoshyft Cooperative Board Game

If you haven’t read the game review, its here.   Otherwise, if you’re ready to setup the game or merely want to know what it takes to setup the game, I setup the game, then play a sample round.

As I’m going, I talk through some interesting aspects of the game, some of the meta-meanings of certain portions, and give some advice.  Hopefully most of it is correct! 😀

If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can pick it up here (affiliate link).  Thanks everyone!

ButterBeer Shot Recipe & How to Approach Taking Supplements

This week I talk through making a butterbeer shot then proceed to talk about how I approach taking nutritional supplements.

Butterbeer shot recipe

  • 2 parts butterscotch schnapps
  • 1 part baileys
  • 2 parts milk/cream/cream substitute

Shake and enjoy!

For nutritional supplements, I’ve managed to keep my bloodwork perfect, despite being a programmer who sits a lot, having a bad diet, and having a genetic profile.  I’ve recognized my personal issues, and compensated by taking supplements to fill voids that I otherwise would have.

For one, I take 300mg of real niacin.  Niacin helps your body clean up cholesterol.  I have never had bloodwork come back with bad cholesterol levels, so I’ve been taking it proactively due to my family history, not because I’ve had an issue I needed to “fix”.  Some things you need to know about niacin are

1) You can’t take it near when you take alcohol because its been associated with liver damage and 2) It causes

2) It causes flush, a red burning sensation that feels like a bad sunburn.  Niacin that say they DON’T cause flush, don’t have the cholesterol cleaning benefits and have been associated with liver damage, so please avoid!

Now I’m not suggesting everyone take niacin.  The point of my video, which I’m repeating here, is that if you have something that you’re worried about or already have some slight issues with, you may be able to adjust your supplement mix to help alleviate and/or even completely eliminate symptoms!

What I notice people do, is that they either blindly take supplements for a while, then stop taking them when they “don’t” work, or they take someone else’s ideal combination of supplements.  You need to be cognizant of

You need to be cognizant of a few different things about supplements.

  • Certain supplements cancel each other out.
  • Certain supplements can’t be absorbed without another supplement

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say supplement, I’m actually talking about vitamins and minerals.  Meaning, if I need to absorb iron from a vegetable source, I make sure to take it with some vitamin C.  If I’m taking chelated zinc for immune system health, I AVOID iron sources (like spinach) at the same time.  When I’m trying to take vitamin K2 because my dark green leafy vegetables intake is low, I make sure to take it with vitamin D3 (either in supplement form or vitamin D enhanced whole milk).

Luckily, with the internet, these things are easy to find out.  Sources like webmd.com will list vitamin/mineral interactions.  Write down a list, and time them appropriately!

If you have any questions about butter beer shots and/or nutritional supplements, please post below and I’ll happily do some research, write up or record another video, and post back!