Brick Bytes – TMNT Big Rig Snow Getaway Lego Set

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Away from life, away for the cruel cruel world, away from those bully turtles? Well this is the adventure for you!

This set has Leonardo, Raphael, April, Karai and two foot soldier minifigs. It has an amazing semi and suv. This set has 743 pieces and can be found below with similar items to purchase!

Lego Set:


Action Figures:


My thoughts are that this Lego set was fun to put together, a lot of play-ability for all involved. Alright all you turtle lovers, High three!

Sevanna Mathis


Sevanna Mathis

During the day Sevanna is managing data as a Business Intelligence Analyst and at night plays with Legos, reads comics, writes and edits a ton of videos! And on Fridays is a bad@ss crime fighting female spy named Silhouette in Shadownrun!

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