Cool Whipa-Whipa-Whip Frosting


Ever wanted to know how to make that delicious white whipped frosting on those cakes at the grocery store? You know that stuff that is fluffy and tastes like a dream? Well this is the hacked recipe for that frosting/filling. You can use this as a frosting on cakes or cupcakes, in rolls as a filling, or on pancakes, french toast or graham crackers (trust me I do) just because. This can be flavored anyway you want by using different pudding and different flavor extracts.

For the full recipe and other variations, please read below:

Cool Whipa-Whipa-Whip Frosting (Vanilla Flavored)

Ingredients in order of usage:

*3.4 oz pkg Jello brand pudding (French Vanilla)

¼ cup powdered sugar

1 Cup cold Whole Milk

*1 Tsp vanilla (or other flavored extract)

8 oz Cool Whip (Original)


Whip together the pudding, sugar, milk and vanilla until the texture resembles a pudding or custard.

Then slowly fold in the Cool Whip.  Until the texture looks creamy but falls off the spoon in drops.  If it flows off the spoon like a ribbon, you mixed too long.



You can use any flavor of pudding or flavor extract.

You can add cookie crumbles or fruit or syrups to provide a different type of filling for pastries.

I have tried even cookie butter to make one delicious topping to a French toast or even pancakes!


If you are interested in any of the equipment I used in this recipe, please click this link.

Sevanna Mathis


Sevanna Mathis

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