Brick Bytes – TMNT Turtle Van Take down Lego set

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles in a half Shell… Turtle Power…. Did I get the song stuck in your head too?

This episode of Brick Bytes shows off my made skills of putting a van together, a turtle van that is! Super fun and easy.

This set includes, Mikey, Ralph, Vern and “Ellen” the foot soldier.

The set is for 6-12 years old, has 368 pieces.  It is one green mean Turtle Machine!

Lego Set:


Action Figures:


Sevanna Mathis


Sevanna Mathis

During the day Sevanna is managing data as a Business Intelligence Analyst and at night plays with Legos, reads comics, writes and edits a ton of videos! And on Fridays is a bad@ss crime fighting female spy named Silhouette in Shadownrun!

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