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Staring Cthulhu in the Eye – An Arkham Horror the LCG Game Review

Arkham Horror the Living Card Game is like a tabletop roleplaying game lite.  Similar to other RPG-lite games like Heroquest, Warhammer Fantasy Quest, or of course, its titular game Arkham Horror, what makes Arkham Horror the Living Card Game unique is that rather than miniatures and random puzzle piece map pieces, instead you use cards and almost a deck-building mechanic to explore the storyline and advance your character.

What is a Living Card Game?

If you’re new to the Living Card Games, this is for you, otherwise, feel free to skip to the next section down. J  Living Card Games are a response to people who like the idea of a growing supply of cards to choose from for building their decks but who DO NOT like the inherit unfairness that the Collectible Card games possess in the sense of different players have access to a different collection of cards to build their decks from.  In general, Living Card games sell sets, and each set contains every card from each set.  Lately, each set often contains the maximum number of each card that you can put in your deck, an improvement over previous generations where you might have to buy 2 or 3 of each set to be able to build the perfect deck.  Essentially, while there is still a money component to the games, there is a fixed cost of entry so that everyone knows how much it costs to keep up with the latest and greatest cards.

RPG Lite

First of all, the boxed set contains enough cards to create two characters and run through three adventures.  There are five characters to choose from, characters that will be familiar if you’ve played other games in Fantasy Flight Games “Lovecraft”-themed games.  Each of these characters feel distinctly different due to both the exact starting combination of cards along with their stats and abilities.

The boxed set contains one campaign, which contains three scenarios.  The campaign, Night of the Zealot, is creepy, full of flavor, and really makes me want to rush through to see what happens to “my” character.

As you play, you fill out this cool campaign log which tracks the experience you acquired going through the game along with any trauma you’ve picked up from dealing with the sanity-breaking monsters of the Mythos.

Campaign Guide

The idea of writing on the back of the book sends chills down most of my friend’s backs in its own way. 😉  “What?!  But how do you play again?” Well…honestly, for me, I probably never will.  Once I play this campaign, I’m unlikely to play it again, I’ll want to buy more campaigns like the Curse of the Rougarou or the Carnevale of Horrors.

BUT, if I “did” want to play again, you can download the campaign logs from their website and print more.



Instead of using dice, like most RPGs, this game does have a random mechanic, but it’s a bit cooler than dice IMO.  Each campaign has you choose a difficulty level then populate a bag of tokens.  The tokens have either numbers or special symbols, the meaning of the special symbols varies depending on your investigator and the campaign you’re currently exploring.  Personally, I like the results of each action being more customized to who is doing the action and where the action is taking place, and there is a tactile element of reaching into the chaos bag and pulling out your success or failure.


This is where I’m uncertain, is this game replayable?  Does it even matter?  Anna and I recorded our lets play, and I thought to myself for the price of the game, to have effectively 3 game sessions, maybe it’s a little expensive.  But looking at the math, and the amount of play-time you get out of the box, its cheaper than going to the movies, so maybe its workable.

Then I talked to Lydon, and he was saying he was sad I ended up recording the game with Anna, so we might record us playing it again ourselves.  So at this point, I’ve already played the first chapter twice, and I might play it a third time.  Maybe this game is more replayable than I thought.

Have any of you ever replayed a D&D module?  I’ve played Red Hand at least three times, the campaign is “that” good IMO, so honestly I have to say this is going to change on a case by case basis.  Each of you will have time figure out whether you’re likely to replay it, and if not, is the price of admission worth the three games you’ll get out of it.


In my opinion, this game is awesome! Fun, intriguing, and I’m really looking forward to getting the expansions after I’ve played through all 3 chapters at least once each.  What do you think?  Let me know below!

Otakon Vegas Fashion Show 2017

So we received a press pass at Otakon Vegas 2017 and were there taking photos most of the weekend.  We have our new camera, a Nikon D750 which we specifically bought for its low light performance, so of course when our friend Cheyenne Jaz Wise was going to be in it, we had to give it a try.  I’m pleasantly surprised how the photos came out!  If you’ve been with us since the beginning in May 2016, you know we’re totally new to all of this, but we’re learning as quickly as we can.  These came out pretty good and I’m proud of them.  I put a few down below, but if you want to look through all 50+ of them, head on over to Facebook.  While you’re there, if you could give us a page like, we’d really appreciate it! (1000+ page likes help convince more cons to give us press passes, more press passes means more photos, videos, etc!)




My advice to InfraredStudio Go-fundme

So this company asked me to help promote their gofundme, which we’re happy to do, promoting artists is in our DNA, thats what we do.


I looked at their page, and it looks like they have a lot of passion and they’re doing some cool stuff, but I think they can be more successful, so below is what I told them.  Actually, this is me telling them, because of the twitter limit and they don’t follow us (yet hopefully) so I couldn’t send them a DM.

“Hey, can I make a recommendation? We’re all about helping creators to promote and get funding for their projects, so I’m excited to promote your gofundme, but I have a few ideas I think will help you get more funding.

When people read the page, if the first few lines don’t grab their attention, they might close the page. I think you need a short blurb at the very top of your funding page that tells me Why they should be excited about the project at a 10,000 foot view, THEN you say you’re going to explain who is implementing it and why should they want to help this happen. Finally, you end with the details like you already have. I imagine something like this would be at the top of the page.

Mehawar – Heroes & Gods is a game where you will lead an army of war machines, wizards, fire breathing dragons and more on a breathtaking journey starting with Babylonian legends and continuing through all manner of mythical and real heroes and monsters throughout history. As you lead your army you’ll have to decide whether you will cooperate to crush your enemies or if you’ll go it alone! Mehawar is a board game with miniatures for 1 to 6 players, please help us bring this exciting game to as many people as possible!

Something like that at the top, with a great emotional pic, then the “Who We Are” bio like you have, then the “Whats We Are Building”, then probably a “How you can help” where you take that last paragraph and you talk about the prototype and what you’re trying for, and then the appeal to people to help spread the word.

Thats my idea. If you want me to share your link immediately on our many twitter and fb pages, I will, if you want to make any changes first, I’ll wait, then post. Either way, good luck!

Otakon Panel Discussion – The Rise of Strong female characters in Pop Culture


So we’re really trying to get into a position where we can spend a good amount of time helping promote all kinds of cool geeky things, as part of that, we want to record more panels.  If you’re interested in us helping record a panel you’re putting together, talk to us!

In this panel, Mariah Mallad (Momokun), Cheyenne Jaz Wise, and Thornechan join SquirrelGirl LV at Otakon for a discussion about all of the great new female characters coming out of pop culture in the form of anime, comics, and tv shows! This was SquirrelGirl’s first panel but the room at Otakon was really nice. 🙂


For more about Mariah Mallad (Momokun)


For Cheyenne Jaz Wise

Thornechan Cosplay
SquirrelGirl LV

For info about Otakon Vegas
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