Month: March 2017

Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay – Interview with Rylo Ren at Otakon Vegas!

Kylo is having a rough time, nah, not about the whole dad thing, sure, it was a little unnecessary but what is the Dark Side if not about drama?

No, he’s frustrated because after being told to “take a break”, “relax a little”, he travelled to Otakon Vegas on a little planet without even spacefaring ability.

Everything was going great at first…until the first mom asked for a pic with a Dementor from  Harry Potter…  By the time the grandparents started raving at how great his deatheater costume was, he had had it and the lightsaber came out!

Enjoy this interview with Rylo Ren as Kylo Ren with Squirrel Girl LV at Otakon Vegas. 🙂