Month: September 2017

Day 1 at SLCC and Scavenger Hunt Update!

So as SquirrelGirlLV prepares her second cosplay, I thought I’d put together an update of day 1 at SLCC.

There were some amazing cosplays, I have just a few of them over on FB in an album, go check them out!


Scavenger Hunt Update – We made a playlist to make it easier to find the locations!  Take pics of yourselves in the locations in the playlist, tag us in a social media post, and head over to Amasser Dragons booth (1707) to pick up your $10 Amazon card!

Today I’m going to be taking photos all day!

Help SquirrelGirlLV Save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon

You can help save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon!

TippyToe and her buddy Frito have been kidnapped, you can help!


Help SquirrelGirlLV Save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon

5 Player Cthulhu Wars Gameplay – Black Goat, Great Cthulhu, Yog Sothoth, Tcho Tcho, & Crawling Chaos


Our first recorded gameplay video in a long time.  My hope, is that this will be the last game I play with them before I can start introducing the neutral monsters.

Until this point, I haven’t felt right about adding neutral monsters because the one time we tried, the only one who was going to use them was me, and I was already winning.   After this game, Stephen wins with Black Goat and in general I think most of the players are ready for the next level of play where we introduce even more options.


Unboxing of Mistborn: House of War

I received my package of Mistborn and looked around, seemed I was among the first to receive it, awesome!  This game was by Crafty Games and designed by Kevin Wilson (who also designed a lot of my other favorite games) so expect quite a few videos to be coming out about Mistborn.

The kickstarter was here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craftygames/mistborn-house-war


Who is the Wendigo? – Richard and ChamberofLava play Iello’s Legend of the Wendigo Game

This was my second game of Legend of the Wendigo by Iello Games…and wow, I was not any better, possibly worse because I “thought” I was better.



At any rate, check out Danielle’s YouTube channel, ChamberofLava, shes zany and dedicated to making a good YouTube experience for her viewers.