Month: July 2018

How to win with Insects From Shaggai in Cthulhu Wars

This turned out to be a very cool unit!  You can use them to attack people using cultists to defend their Great Old One, take their cultists to defend your own Great Old One.  Its pretty awesome.

Alohamora! Opening Clue: Harry Potter edition!

I saw this Facebook ad and thought this “family friendly” edition of Clue: Harry Potter looked totally awesome, and I was right!  Simple, easy, I can’t wait to play it!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2018 – Music video featuring Vicki Vox

This is my first real cosplay music video where we went in intentionally recording for this.  I hope to do more and keep getting better.

Which isn’t to say we’re giving up the Squirrel Girl interviews, our last one was great and we want to do more but Squirrel Girl is recovering from surgery so in the meantime, we’re exploring new ways to feature the conventions we love to go to. 🙂

Amazing Las Vegas was great this year like usual, though it seems like they might have overgrown the room, it was a bit tight in places and I think it might be time for them to go into a larger space.  Its the Las Vegas Convention Center so they have unlimited space to grow into, hopefully next year we seem them get even bigger.