Month: March 2019

Ep 112: Fooled You!

April Fool’s Jokes

We talk Article 13 and what we think about it.

Nintendo Switch reportedly getting two new models, an enhanced version and a cheaper version

Apple introduces Apple Arcade.

Borderlands: Mask of Mayhem, all aboard that hype train.

Dora: Lost City of Gold looks pretty decent and well-casted

Rumors have it Walmart might be stepping into the gaming platform ring.

Enter the Gungeon: Farewell to Arms is the game’s final expansion.

Kuala Lampur cosplay police raid/

New Marvel poster series shows who was dusted and who survived.

Anthem… what to say? Another update that was intended to fix thigs, that actually broke things… again.

Sons of the Singularity, who successfully kickstarted a Call of Cthulu sourcebook was printed, and then every copy was immediately destroyed by the Chinese government

Zac Effron rumored for Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Black Widow movie to have Taskmaster as the villain.

Umbrella Academy season 2 NOT confirmed.

Companies who pranked us the best:
Wow patch notes
Burger King chocolate Whopper
ThinkGeek Technomancer cloak 
Google pokemon
Energizer Peeps 
The iPhone (Pocket-Lint announced it 3 years prior)

Smashbomb Review

You ever wanted to know how well something is doing by your friends? Well, Smashbomb can do that. Smashbomb is a review website that lets you review just about anything! Movies, books, podcasts (including the ever popular Dorkside News Network), even new tech. You can review everything on this site and it’s amazing. We use this website so we can see your reviews of us! We want to know how we’re doing in your opinions and you can easily do it here. You even get cool little badges to display proudly when you unlock them, for instance, I’m an official Smashbomb reviewer (and everyone knows it). So, head on over to Smashbomb to let us, (everyone else), your opinions on today’s hottest (or not) things we all consume. And while you’re there, look us up. Maybe give us that coveted 10 star!

Interview 4 – Patrick Robinson, Comic book artist for T.C.G.

Patrick Robinson hung out with us and talked about general geeky stuff, the comic book indy scene, and his comic, Terran Command Garrison -check out more and give them a like!  https://www.facebook.com/NewWavePublications/

2019 First Blog!?

So this is our first real blog in over a year, and by blog, I mean us posting an update of whats going on, what we’re doing, etc, as opposed to “content” for one of our shows.

I’m Richard, the primary guy keeping us marching towards…wherever this crazy train is taking us.

As I write this, I’m thinking about the podcast I’m recording tonight, the two photoshoots I’m doing tomorrow (should be sexy and fun!), the Mortal Kombat shoot I’m doing Saturday (which I’m building a giant MK logo that I’m going to set on fire, should be even sexier and fun!), and the Umbrella Academy photoshoot we’re doing this Sunday (should be awesome!).

Obviously we’re very busy! Plus any day now I should be getting a giant crate of Cthulhu Wars stuff from the last Onslaught 3 kickstarter and a lot of people are looking forward to seeing whats inside there. Oh, and we’re providing AV support to 7CTOs this Friday!!!

Keep your eye on this page, I’ll be posting here more regularly and might have discount codes, contests, giveaways, and all kinds of stuff.

Thanks all!

Betrayal at House on the Hill Campaign Log – Spoilers!

This is my spoiler-ish campaign log of Betray at House on the Hill Legacy. This will give lots of hints of what happens, but at the same time, is almost entirely from the perception of my characters so really your experience could be something entirely different!

To purchase Betrayal Legacy:

Interview 3 – Chandler Rice, we discuss Stan Lee, comic collecting, and more

Chandler Rice has been worked with comic artists for 15+ years, he spent some time in our studio talking about Stan Lee, working with comic legend greats, and otherwise blowing our minds! 

For more of Chandler geeking out, check out his podcast, Las Vegas Geeked Out:


For comic services (grading, signing, etc): http://desertwindcomics.com/

Also, if you’re a Vegas local, make sure to check out Celestial Comics!

Ep 110: Urban Legends: Slenderman, Spoiler full Reviews of Captain Marvel & Umbrella Academy

Please review us over on Smashbomb! https://smashbomb.com/s/dorkside-news-network

Spoiler full reviews of Umbrella Academy and Captain Marvel, be warned!

Turok is coming to Switch… but how are the controls?

Batman vs The Ninja Turtles, where the hell did this come from?

Aladdin new trailer might mean the movie is watchable.

ALADDIN Trailer 3 (2019)

Doom movie is not partnered with Id software, what could that mean?

National Treasure 3 could still be happening.

Disney+ will feature the entire Motion Picture library, even the racist ones?

Season 8 of Arrow is the final season.

Emma Watson tagged for Black Widow?

Charlie Says trailer with Matt Smith looks terrifyingly amazing.

100 percent certain Borderlands 3 will be announced at PAX East March 28th

Halo: Master Chief collection is coming to Steam… one game at a time.

Weeb Central

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll partnered up.

Meeple Corner

Wizards of the Coasts upgrades their Wizards Play Network.

Dice Forge Rebellion expansion announced by Libellud, makers of Mysterium


Overwatch: Monopoly, Hasbro’s first of many Overwatch themed board games. Battle for points over objectives and collecting lootboxes


Preorder at gamestop: https://www.gamestop.com/toys/monopoly-gamer-overwatch-collectors-edition/172397?utm_source=rakutenls&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Skimlinks.com&utm_campaign=10&utm_kxconfid=tebx5rmj3&cid=afl_10000087&affID=77777&sourceID=TnL5HPStwNw-a4i3ZM530H7Zj0tFWojeoA

Release date: this October

What urban legends interest us? 


The Madden Curse

Bruce Lee murdered?

Fallout 3 Premonitions

The Killswitch game that no one beat and doesn’t exists anymore

The haunted Majora’s Mask game

Interview 2 – Cassandra Cain

This interview is PG13, but her websites aren’t!  You’ve been warned!

Join us with our saucy interview with the amazing geeky pornstar Cassandra Cain.


If you want to join her Cain Legion, check out her website


Go follow her on Twitter



Interview 2 – Cassandra Cain, Fetish performer, pornstar, and cosplayer

This interview is PG13, but her websites aren’t! You’ve been warned!

Join us with our saucy interview with the amazing geeky pornstar Cassandra Cain.

If you want to join her Cain Legion, check out her website


Go follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xCassandraCainx

or Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xcassandracainx