Getting the most out of the Azathoth expansion with Windwalker


Hey everyone, today we’re looking at the Azathoth expansion specifically in how it pertains to Windwalker.

When we look at the expansions, we’re looking for 3 different things.

  • Does the expansion shake things up to help break up the monotony?
  • Does the expansion help fill in weaknesses in your preferred faction?
  • Does the expansion help capitalize on strengths in your preferred faction?

Lets talk about windwalker’s weaknesses.

  • Windwalker is required to split its control over two halves of the map in order to get its spellbooks, north and south.
  • Windwalker has some power problems in the early game, much of their strategy relies on Ithaqua and hes expansion to get out.

Now windwalker’s strengths

  • Lots of defensive abilities both innate and from spellbooks making them fiercesome to combat.
  • Reliable easy rituals of annihilation at the expense of exacerbating their power issues.
  • One of the best single army mobility powers in the game.
  • Possibilities for lots of free units popping up across the map.

Honestly there are more strengths than weaknesses in windwalker.  You build up a scary army, control a few gates and intimidate people into letting you use rituals until you win.

Lets go through each of the components and see how they pertain.

Independent Monsters

  • Dimensional Shamblers. If you’re concerned with trying to defend yourself across the map, dimensional shamblers are going to help you in two ways.  One, you can summon them but not commit to where they will defend until someone moves in to attack.  Two, once you have a strong reliable unit like shamblers, you can more readily commit your wendigo to popping up in random places using Cannibalism.
  • Star Vampire. These are OK.  I think star vampire are fun to use, but honestly windwalker should be winning through rituals, so I’d be hoping for power if I used star vampires.  The fact that they are only 1 combat die means I’m a little hesitant at committing to these with my valuable doom points.
  • Elder Thing. This is a very scary unit, AGAINST, windwalker. I’d have a tendency to grab the elder things just to prevent Rhan-Tegoth from being assassinated.  In particular I’d be afraid of letting Crawling Chaos grab this unit as normally windwalker feels a bit more resilient against the harbinger ability.
  • Servitor of the Outer Gods. No one likes being given this unit, but windwalker does have a nice ability to summon wendigo using cannibalism which can someone reduce the sting of this unit.



The Mao Ceremony – This is a great spellbook for windwalker since you can use cannibalism to recruit them for free. Grab this spellbook if you’re thinking of a more combat-heavy game where you can use cannibalism a lot, otherwise this isn’t terribly helpful.

Umr at-tawil* This can give you the edge to get 4 gates and do a few rituals.

Undimensioned – On one hand, you tend to be spread across the map to get your spellbook and by the use of cannibalism, undimensioned can allow you to easily  retrieve your distantly populated units.  On the other hand, it feels a bit expensive if you were to just be collecting a free wendigo or cultist. I’d pass.

Recriminations –  If you’re unsure about the long term value of Umr at-tawil, taking recriminations can allow you to switch out at a later time.

Shriveling – This combined with Howl will really deter people from attacking you, helping you lock in your Ritual victory.

Stars are Right – Since you should be getting a lot of elder signs, this can be a substantial boost in power.

Which spellbooks to give up.

  • Ice age. This is a nice spellbook, but it costs power to activate, if you’re going to give up any spellbook, I suspect this will be one of the first ones.
  • If gnoph-key aren’t dying, this spellbook doesn’t do anything at all, consider replacing this with umr at-tawil until the end of the game

Azathoth, the big kahuna

Azathoth can be a good companion to Rhen Tegoth, but early on you’re unlikely to want to spend the power to gain him.  Unless another faction were going to use him against you to good effect, I’d avoid this guy to instead focus on getting ithaqua.  If you have itqhaqua, consider getting azathoth as having another GOO will help your rituals of annihilation.


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