Attributions – Don’t claim other people’s information as your own

So I think this is a dangerous video to post, because its sure to get people pouring through my content trying to call me out on being hypocritical.  For that reason, I’m going to immediately post my apology to anyone whose idea I hear, then forget, then think I came up with it on my own!  Send me a message, I’ll post it with an apology!

Now that that is out of the way, I’ll describe a bit of what prompted me to post this video.  Anna is trying to avoid fried food and I was craving chicken wings.  So because I generally cook dinner, I decided to make this dish I had seen over on Food Wishes.  But I don’t normally just make someone’s recipe, I look at a few and take the techniques in each and combine them.  So I was looking at a few videos and then came across Laura in the Kitchen’s similar recipe for crispy baked chicken wings.

Now they both use a similar technique, which is coating with baking powder (pro tip, make sure its aluminum free or it can come across metallic, I learned from personal experience) to make the wings crispy, but what was different, was that Laura called the technique her”secret” and Chef John said he got it from America’s Test Kitchen.  Now Anna and I have a subscription to America’s Test Kitchen and know the technique from there and have used it for years.  In the video, I say that I realize Laura could have honestly invented this technique, but I really feel like she may have claimed the same technique from the same source, she just chose not to share.

I don’t like it, it feels dishonest to me, and it makes me wonder when I watch someone’s video, whether I’m just really watching someone else’s videos being regurgitated.  In some cases, I’ve found the original person and stopped watching the “copycat”.  Now if you’re honest, say where you got something from, and still add onto it, I feel like I can trust the information, and usually feel like I’m seeing both a filtered translation of someone else’ idea but also seeing “additional” information.

Anyways, I go through it on the video so no need to elaborate much more, but I’ll just end like I do the video, be honest people, it makes you “MORE” powerful, not less!


In the video, I talked about some YouTubers, here are links to them if you want to check them out

Chef John (Food Wishes)
Akis Kitchen
Laura’s Kitchen

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