Be wary of being part owner of a company TLDR How I lost about 30k


In 2004, me and a friend made a lot of money selling our first real house.  In 2007 I got suckered into investing in a Hollywood movie, Dark Honeymoon.

It was on netflix, I’ve since found it isn’t anymore.  Good riddance.  You might be able to find it somewhere, its an absolutely horrible movie.

Here is the IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0783501/

I love that the writer and director changed his name for this crapfest.  Yes David O’Malley, IMDB knows it was you and I’m spreading the word!  And yes, Alpine Pictures, you screwed people and I hope this post dissuades at least one person from ever investing in anything you guys do.

Watch the video how I not only lost 25k, but then paid taxes on the money I didn’t make to the tune of about another 5k.







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