Brick Bytes – The Delorian


This episode of Brick Bytes will showcase how to put together the Delorian Lego Set from Back to the Future. This is a fun set due to the fact that you get to play with the Doc, Marty and have a flying car! Lets go back to the future!!!


  1. Fairly easy to put together
  2. Open and close the car doors!
  3. Can place MiniFigs into vehicle
  4. Can move tires up to make car look like it is hovering.
  5. Marty has a skateboard and its purple!


  1. When you move the doors, the door section breaks off. It is not attached well.
  2. No Einstein!
  3. Would have loved to see different outfits for the Doc and Marty to go along with the different car styles.

Where to buy:
The Delorian Lego Set
The Lego Dimensions Marty
The Lego Dimensions Doc
Back to the Future I Movie
Back to the Future II Movie
Back to the Future III Movie


A special thanks to the producer: Richard Mathis
Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

Thank you again and hope you enjoy this video, there are more to come!