Brick Bytes – Invasion of Turtle Lair Lego Build


tiny pic


OMG! Shredder is invading the turtle lair. Better protect Splinter. Leo races from the sewers, slides down and meets Donny in the computer room.  Luckily, Mikey isn’t with them, he would want to eat that pizza on the floor. OOPs, got distracted. Donny and Leo race to protect Splinter from Shredder and his foot soldiers!

Direct from the Movie and Legos. You get to put together the TMNT Turtle Lair with the Leader Leo and gadget maker Donny. Includes Leonardo, Donatello,  Shredder, Splinter and 2 foot soldiers. Moving parts, secret passages and even traps! What could get better than this?

 Lego Set  


Thank you to:
Richard the Camera Man

Mr E, my tiny dancer.

Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music