Let’s Play – Ghostbusters the Board Game

Our normal tabletop gaming group gets together to play Ghostbusters the Board Game by Cryptozoic. Anna replaces Lydon because she is so passionate for ghostbusters and because the game is specifically a 4 character game.

We play the first scenario which uses the basic rules.

Ramsey is Bryan Welsh, ghostbuster rookie.
Anna is Kylie Griffin.
Richard is Dr. Ray Stantz.
Steve is Dr. Egon Spengler.

We realized midway through, that ghosts moving around can easily block line of sight, so there was at least one point towards the beginning where a ghost blocked line of sight for a proton stream and we cheated a little bit. We don’t think it affected the game very much, but don’t let it affect your game when/if you play.

You can get your copy of the board game from Amazon:

To view the original kickstarter, go here

If you want to look at the kickstarter for the sequel, here you go. Both are obviously closed, but it can give you an idea whats coming up!