Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Lego Set



“Well, the Alliance stole one of our Imperial shuttles, sir,” the guard said.
“WHAT! How could you let that happen?” the sith questioned, raising his arm and holding out his hand facing the guard.
“WAIT… sir… I’m just the messenger, not the one…ACK!!! GURGLE…” the guard chokes on the his last words.


So the Tydirium was stolen by the Alliance and then provided to Han Solo and his team to go down to Endor and destroy the generators that protected the Death Star II.

This was an amazing build. I was super excited that Lydon let me take it and put it together.

My likes:

1) How all the doors, wings and cockpit all snapped in place.
2) Open all the doors and move the wings and guns on the ship.
3) The ease of putting minifigs into the ship.

My Dislikes:
1) The stickers.
2) The stickers.
3) Did I mention the stickers?

Where to buy this awesome set?


Hope you enjoy!