Komrades in Arms: Sattelite Reign with FiveCore

I’m trying something a little different here.  Let me know if you like it.  Or hate it.  I suppose it would be interesting to know that you had no opinion one way or the other.

This is my second game in my FiveCore Satellite Reign campaign.  This time it’s an escort mission.  Get the former corp guy into the UZYKORP lab to steal a prototype weapon.  We gave our charge an empty pistol.  Don’t want him getting himself hurt.  I should mention that I’m not using random events, as there’s too much to keep track of on my own as it is.  Also, since I’ve only got four guys, the activation level (guys activated on a normal turn) is ‘2’.

This game idea might actually be better with Nordic Weasel’s “Starport Scum“, a more RPG-ish offering, but that’s still in beta, and besides, I like FiveCore.  It’s pretty flexible.

So, here we go…


Jason Smith