Blast Pistol: Attack on Malproksima Colony!

Nordic Weasel Games has come out with another set of rules.  These are their “living” game systems, which I won’t try to explain.  What I like about it is that instead of an army builder (which is great, in general) this game has set (though expanding) army lists with names and a bit of flavor text and, generally speaking, context.  I like that context.  It makes it feel like these unit choices matter.  It also describes the universe in a “show, don’t tell” kind of way.  As for the rules themselves, they don’t try to be exceptionally clever, but they are good and, so far, fun.

There are a few different flavors of this rules system.  “Last Era” is the fantasy version.  “Blast Pistol” is the sci-fi version.  That’s the one I’m playing below.  There are a couple other version as well.

I don’t think I mention it in the comic, but Prospectors can score bonus points by finding “resources” in terrain features, not that I found any.

Anyway, to the action!












Jason Smith