Ecto-1 30th Anniversary Lego Build


Who you gonna call?

Out of no where a green blob of Ectoplasmic residue comes at you! You dodge the oncoming assault. But even as you do, some of the slime falls on you. It distracts you and the next thing you know Slimer has just flown through you, leaving you in a puddle of his residue. You scream… GHOSTBUSTERS! CALL THE GHOSTBUSTERS!

This is a video on putting together the Ecto-1 30th Anniversary.


1) Very authentic and detailed. Reminds me of what the Ecto-1 looked like which is amazing.
2) The Ghostbusters themselves were super cute with their proton packs.
3) NO STICKERS! This was a $50 Lego set and it had no stickers, which was awesome!


1) You can lift the roof off and place the guys in. However, the doors do not open and sometimes the items on the roof will fall off, making it inconvenient.
2) The play-ability is really none existent, the Ecto-1 is pretty fragile.

All-in-all, this is a great trophy piece for your desk or shelf.

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