Chocolate Candy Coating

Ever wanted to dip something in chocolate? However, normally when you do the chocolate oozes everywhere and makes a rather large mess on your fingers and clothes? Well, this recipe is for a hardening chocolate candy coating. It hardens due to the cocoa butter in the recipe and will stay that way even left out in room temperature (75 degrees).

Please enjoy!



30 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate

5 ounces of cocoa butter (Food Grade)


In double boiler, place the cocoa butter into the top part of the boiler. The water should be simmering in the bottom part of the boiler.

melted cocoa butter - Copy

Melt the cocoa butter at least halfway.  It takes longer to melt than the chocolate.

Next, add the chocolate chips.

melted chocolate - Copy

Stir until combined and everything is melted.

Now, you can begin the dipping of foods!

images for recipe

Caution: Product is hot.

For Cocoa Butter: