Otakon Vegas Fashion Show 2017

So we received a press pass at Otakon Vegas 2017 and were there taking photos most of the weekend.  We have our new camera, a Nikon D750 which we specifically bought for its low light performance, so of course when our friend Cheyenne Jaz Wise was going to be in it, we had to give it a try.  I’m pleasantly surprised how the photos came out!  If you’ve been with us since the beginning in May 2016, you know we’re totally new to all of this, but we’re learning as quickly as we can.  These came out pretty good and I’m proud of them.  I put a few down below, but if you want to look through all 50+ of them, head on over to Facebook.  While you’re there, if you could give us a page like, we’d really appreciate it! (1000+ page likes help convince more cons to give us press passes, more press passes means more photos, videos, etc!)