Episode One: The Guy in the Chair, a new podcast covering all kinds of fandoms shot in the Millennium Fandom

This was our pilot episode, I won’t talk too much about the content other than to warn you that we give a lot of spoilers on the season premiere of Flash Season 4 and Bladerunner 2049.

We also talk a lot about the new Star Wars trailer, but come on guys, most of you have seen it too. 😉

Ok, what I wanted to talk about is where we’re filming this out of.  This is super cool guys, we’re filming it out of the Millennium Fandom bar!  This bar is AMAZING!  And we’re going to be doing a live audience.  Here is what it looked like the first episode, behind the scenes.


This was a lot of fun, and of course we want you to watch and subscribe, but if you want to come by to the bar, we’ll be shooting around 8pm!  Hope to see you guys there!