How to win using Azathoth from the Azathoth Expansion of Cthulhu Wars

Here we go, I’m moving into the expansion boxes for Cthulhu Wars, starting with Azathoth.

In my opinion, after the high priest expansion and each of the factions, this is the one you should get.   So many cool things, none of which you “have” to use, just fun and helps expand the strategies for each faction.

This first video is very specifically just Azathoth, each video after this will explore another aspect of the expansion, that way, if you choose to use a given component, you can watch that video as a refresher.

Ok, so of course I started with Azathoth, how does he work?

Well first of all you spend 2 doom points and you have to have 8 power.  You roll a die and add 2 to determine how much power Azathoth costs you.  THEN, each other player chooses a die face between 1 and 6.  The combined value of the player’s dice is the combat power of Azathoth.  WHAT? Why would they choose high values then? Well, they get that much power PLUS, the lowest player(s) lose 2 doom points.  Its pretty crazy, you could end up engineering your loss with this move, but if you do it at the right time, it might not be that bad..plus you might have an epic GOO out of it.

Ok you say, but one kill and your GOO is dead and meanwhile everyone got a big pile of power.  Not so fast, Azathoth doesn’t die easily.  If Azathoth is assigned a kill, instead of dying you roll a die and subtract that value from his current combat power.  Sure, eventually he’ll die, but not right away, and probably not before raining destruction through your enemies!

Watch the video for the rest, but suffice it to say, Azathoth is awesome. 🙂  Next image next Tuesday!