What do the Elder Things bring to your cthulhu wars game

Today we research the first of the neutral monsters from our videos and discussions exploring what each optional element of Cthulhu Wars can add to your game!

This first monster is The Elder Things.  These monsters cost 2 doom points to take control of and allow you to immediately place an Elder Thing onto one of your gates. From that point forward, you can summon more Elder Things for 2 power each.

In addition to being a 2 combat monster, Elder Things have a unique ability to prevent other Great Old Ones from activating their special ability.  Bring these weird dudes along with you when you face a Great Old One like Cthulhu with his fearsome Devour ability or to take out Hastur.  Offensively or defensively, these guys are powerful  wards against other player’s Great Old Ones.

Watch the video for a faction by faction play by play, but I’m curious, what are your experiences with The Elder Things?