How to Survive a Coop Game! Plus a Contest, win a Copy of Pandemic Legacy


I put together this video with my tips on how to Survive a Cooperative Board game! Also, there is a contest inside where you could win a copy of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 or Season 2.

The maximum number of copies I’ll be rewarding is 4, just to clarify in case things get out of hand in a good way. 🙂

I’d really appreciate it if you helped share the video with people who like board games and/or goofiness because this video has more than a bit of both. 🙂

Contest Results will be given out on Richard’s Birthday, April 12th.

Amazon Wish list if you’re feeling generous!

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Richard Mathis
Sevanna Mathis (Squirrelgirl LV)
Ramsey Dadis
The Sword of Glory

Edited by:
Richard Mathis

Filmed by:
Bill Brown
Richard Mathis

How to survive a cooperative Game – Contest to win a Copy of Pandemic Legacy!