ButterBeer Shot Recipe & How to Approach Taking Supplements

This week I talk through making a butterbeer shot then proceed to talk about how I approach taking nutritional supplements.

Butterbeer shot recipe

  • 2 parts butterscotch schnapps
  • 1 part baileys
  • 2 parts milk/cream/cream substitute

Shake and enjoy!

For nutritional supplements, I’ve managed to keep my bloodwork perfect, despite being a programmer who sits a lot, having a bad diet, and having a genetic profile.  I’ve recognized my personal issues, and compensated by taking supplements to fill voids that I otherwise would have.

For one, I take 300mg of real niacin.  Niacin helps your body clean up cholesterol.  I have never had bloodwork come back with bad cholesterol levels, so I’ve been taking it proactively due to my family history, not because I’ve had an issue I needed to “fix”.  Some things you need to know about niacin are

1) You can’t take it near when you take alcohol because its been associated with liver damage and 2) It causes

2) It causes flush, a red burning sensation that feels like a bad sunburn.  Niacin that say they DON’T cause flush, don’t have the cholesterol cleaning benefits and have been associated with liver damage, so please avoid!

Now I’m not suggesting everyone take niacin.  The point of my video, which I’m repeating here, is that if you have something that you’re worried about or already have some slight issues with, you may be able to adjust your supplement mix to help alleviate and/or even completely eliminate symptoms!

What I notice people do, is that they either blindly take supplements for a while, then stop taking them when they “don’t” work, or they take someone else’s ideal combination of supplements.  You need to be cognizant of

You need to be cognizant of a few different things about supplements.

  • Certain supplements cancel each other out.
  • Certain supplements can’t be absorbed without another supplement

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say supplement, I’m actually talking about vitamins and minerals.  Meaning, if I need to absorb iron from a vegetable source, I make sure to take it with some vitamin C.  If I’m taking chelated zinc for immune system health, I AVOID iron sources (like spinach) at the same time.  When I’m trying to take vitamin K2 because my dark green leafy vegetables intake is low, I make sure to take it with vitamin D3 (either in supplement form or vitamin D enhanced whole milk).

Luckily, with the internet, these things are easy to find out.  Sources like webmd.com will list vitamin/mineral interactions.  Write down a list, and time them appropriately!

If you have any questions about butter beer shots and/or nutritional supplements, please post below and I’ll happily do some research, write up or record another video, and post back!

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