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How to have your gaming group survive losing a player

What do you do when a core member of your group leaves? Sometimes it can mean skipping game nights, then, more people start planning other activities, and suddenly you end up being one of those folks who “used to game”. Join me in a discussion asking what to do next.

Retiring Your First Gloomhaven Character

So I retired my first gloomhaven character, actually, 3 of the 4 of us did…and we were a bit selfish, choosing fun new characters instead of the smartest new characters, I talk about what I learned.

How to win with Daoloth

This is it, my last video from OS2, and still no OS3 box has shown up! Extreme extra-dimensional sadness! 🙁

This is a neat unit, and having it available can give you some ability to change the game up, and what else are independent Great Old Ones for?

Who is a “real” gamer?

On twitter, that domain of trolls and ne’er-do-wells, the gauntlet was thrown asking “who is a real gamer”. This didn’t sit well with me, but then, I started seeing knee-jerk responses of “everyone is a gamer”, which I say thee nay! Not everyone is a gamer, only everyone who “wants” to be a gamer.

One Night Ultimate Super Villains Overview

I backed this kickstarter and I finally opened this up and play with the app, it looks awesome!

Betrayal at House on the Hill Campaign Log – Spoilers!

This is my spoiler-ish campaign log of Betray at House on the Hill Legacy. This will give lots of hints of what happens, but at the same time, is almost entirely from the perception of my characters so really your experience could be something entirely different!

To purchase Betrayal Legacy:

Adding Legacy Mode to Cthulhu Wars

I’m adding legacy mode to Cthulhu Wars and thought I’d share

What is Discover: Lands Unknown? A cooperative board game review

TLDR: I basically tear the game apart, say everything is badly designed, and then say how much I enjoyed the game.  /shrug

Playing dirty with Y’Golonac, a Cthulhu Wars Strategy video


This is the first of 3 videos exploring the Ramsey Campbell Horrors box 2 from the Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter Onslaught 2!

Best Board Games to Buy for Christmas 2018!

This series will start with the top 5 casual games I recommend to get for your gamer friend/group, whoever!  These games are timeless so they will continue to be a good game 6 months, 2 years, 5 years from now! (After that we’ll all be living in VR, so get the VR versions of these games!)

Throughout the week we’ll be releasing other series for different types of gaming itches!


Next up is our top 5 games for 2018!

And finally, our top 5 cooperative board games of 2018!