DNN Interview 6 – Ed Kuehnel and the Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

We talk to the writer and creator of the “Invasion of Planet Wrestletopia” comic and how he got started in the video game industry. 

Spoiler alert, the comic is amazing. 

To find more about Invasion of Planet Wrestletopia, find them here: http://suspiciousbehaviorproductions.com/

Or Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SBP_Comics

DNN Interview 5 – Quincy Jay Victoria

We got to spend some time with Quincy Jay Victoria, one of the hosts from Geeked Out! as well as creator of the awesome comic book, Kawal: Soldier of the People!

To listen to more of Quincy on Geeked out, go here: https://www.facebook.com/LVGeekedOut/ 

To follow Kawal and his fight to defend the filipino people against an oppressive regime: https://www.facebook.com/theartofquincyvictoria/

Interview 4 – Patrick Robinson, Comic book artist for T.C.G.

Patrick Robinson hung out with us and talked about general geeky stuff, the comic book indy scene, and his comic, Terran Command Garrison -check out more and give them a like!  https://www.facebook.com/NewWavePublications/

Interview 3 – Chandler Rice, we discuss Stan Lee, comic collecting, and more

Chandler Rice has been worked with comic artists for 15+ years, he spent some time in our studio talking about Stan Lee, working with comic legend greats, and otherwise blowing our minds! 

For more of Chandler geeking out, check out his podcast, Las Vegas Geeked Out:


For comic services (grading, signing, etc): http://desertwindcomics.com/

Also, if you’re a Vegas local, make sure to check out Celestial Comics!

Ghostbusters Motion Comic


The story below is all about Slimer taking possession of the Ecto-1 and the ghostbusters having to trap him.

The motion comic took approximately 30 hours of work from taking the photos to editing the video for movement to adding music.

I used adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Audition to create this motion comic. Also, most photos were taken by the iPhone 6s+.

Please scroll down to read this story in its entirety.

Intro of show


car with peter and slimer




getting out of car and slimer



























This comic used the following Lego sets:





Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary:

Slimer Minifigure:

Photos taken by Sevanna and Richard Mathis,
Editing and story by Sevanna Mathis