Sabakon 2018 Review, Photos & Music

We were invited to Sabakon so I thought I’d write about the venue and overall experience.

Sabakon bills itself as an anime, video gaming, and pop culture convention. Its a convention that is ran for fans, by fans. I think a lot of conventions start that way, but eventually become more about the business, but not Sabakon. Sabakon is a chaotic, fun, mess of a convention that sprawls throughout the venue it’s at, which this year (like several years in the past) was Alexis Park.
Don’t expect an orderly convention hall with long lines and a vague corporate/airport feel, this convention is spread throughout a Las Vegas resort requiring navigating between one side of the resort to the other in order to see everything the convention has to offer.

As it’s name would suggest, there is a strong Japanese focus to the convention, which unfortunately often discourages some fans who love “video games and pop culture” but have no interest in anime whatsoever. I think it’s safe to say at this point that anime is as richly embedded in pop culture as pop culture has been infiltrated by anime, and I highly recommend people who enjoy these kinds of events to come check it out. This convention isn’t for everyone, but I think its for more people than they would think. Panels about cosplay, voice actors, and podcasts are there in addition to the more Japanese-themed anime panels. Cool toys and collectibles are available of all sorts of fandoms, not just anime, and the artist alley has as many authors and doodad makers as it does anime artists.

A short aside about the artist alley. Something I really was pleasantly surprised about Sabakon was how the artist alley took up a space as large as the vendor hall and to many visitors to the convention I’m fairly sure people had no idea that the artists were individuals selling their creations versus the vendors and their products. I like that a lot and think it says a lot for the community of Sabakon.

The community aspect of Sabakon in general was super cool, but I can also see how some people might feel like its too disorganized or feel “more” lonely because of how many people are having fun in groups which can make loners feel even more lonely.  All I would say to those lonely introverts is to recognize that most of the people visiting the convention are fellow introverts who struggle to branch out and form social connections just like themselves.  It takes time to get to the point of recognizing people and being recognized, but don’t take it personal when someone doesn’t remember you or doesn’t do more than talk and leave.  Many of us get burned out by being around crowds and desperately need some alone time and we don’t recognize when we hurt someone’s feelings by what is perceived as a “brush off”.

There was plenty of space walking through the halls, and the timing of the convention (so late in the year) made it much cooler, allowing for those heavier/warmer cosplays that didn’t work when the convention was held closer to summer with the harsh Las Vegas heat.  Personally, this was the best Sabakon I’ve been to in years with the perfect ratio of casualness, temperature, and cool stuff to see and do.

Thanks Sabakon for having us, can’t wait for next year!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2018 – Music video featuring Vicki Vox

This is my first real cosplay music video where we went in intentionally recording for this.  I hope to do more and keep getting better.

Which isn’t to say we’re giving up the Squirrel Girl interviews, our last one was great and we want to do more but Squirrel Girl is recovering from surgery so in the meantime, we’re exploring new ways to feature the conventions we love to go to. 🙂

Amazing Las Vegas was great this year like usual, though it seems like they might have overgrown the room, it was a bit tight in places and I think it might be time for them to go into a larger space.  Its the Las Vegas Convention Center so they have unlimited space to grow into, hopefully next year we seem them get even bigger.





So you wanted to be a meme? – LVL UP Expo Hijinks

LVL UP was a lot of fun, in the background you can see how large this once small convention has started to get!

We had a very basic premise this convention.  Ask people fandom trivia and if they could get 3 right before 2 wrong, they got a prize.  If they got 2 wrong but wanted the prize anyways, we asked them to do a dare.  Boom! Thats how this video happened.



Eating cookies…in bed or on the toilet? Fortune Cookie Fun at ALA

Thanks everyone who helped us put this together, it was a lot of fun. 🙂

Fun side story, when we went to bring these fortune cookies in, security said no.

We said we were press, and the cookies were for “a bit”, so they sent us to the back entrance.

We arrive at the back entrance where the security guards called more security guards, then an ALA director came over to see what was going on.

We explained what we were doing, the director asked for a security supervisor to talk to.  The director did a great job asking them to let us in.

Security explained it was policy to not allow food into the building.

The director asked how we could get the food into the building.

Security said someone had to approve it.

The director asked who could approve it?

Security responded he could.


So the director approved us to come inside, and boom, this video was born.

Thanks everyone. 🙂

Thor and Loki Learn about “The YouTube”

Our first video in our new cosplay only channel.

We split DorkSideCookies and DorksideGaming so that people can enjoy either or both types of content.

Creator Interview: Xander Jeanneret of the Library Bards

We love hanging out with the Library bards, but to change things up, we interviewed them separately this time.

Day 1 at SLCC and Scavenger Hunt Update!

So as SquirrelGirlLV prepares her second cosplay, I thought I’d put together an update of day 1 at SLCC.

There were some amazing cosplays, I have just a few of them over on FB in an album, go check them out!


Scavenger Hunt Update – We made a playlist to make it easier to find the locations!  Take pics of yourselves in the locations in the playlist, tag us in a social media post, and head over to Amasser Dragons booth (1707) to pick up your $10 Amazon card!

Today I’m going to be taking photos all day!

Help SquirrelGirlLV Save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon

You can help save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon!

TippyToe and her buddy Frito have been kidnapped, you can help!


Help SquirrelGirlLV Save TippyToe and Frito at Salt Lake Comiccon

Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay – Interview with Rylo Ren at Otakon Vegas!

Kylo is having a rough time, nah, not about the whole dad thing, sure, it was a little unnecessary but what is the Dark Side if not about drama?

No, he’s frustrated because after being told to “take a break”, “relax a little”, he travelled to Otakon Vegas on a little planet without even spacefaring ability.

Everything was going great at first…until the first mom asked for a pic with a Dementor from  Harry Potter…  By the time the grandparents started raving at how great his deatheater costume was, he had had it and the lightsaber came out!

Enjoy this interview with Rylo Ren as Kylo Ren with Squirrel Girl LV at Otakon Vegas. 🙂

Bella and Emily as Lightning Returns – Lightning & Lumina from Final Fantasy XIII

Wow.  Just wow, these two are amazing!   They made the costume and props themselves and did a great job.  The tall one is Bella as Lightning and the other one is Emily as Lumina from the same game, Final Fantasy XIII.