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How to manage your instagram

I thought I’d share how we manage our Instagram.   Personally, my goal is to interact with as many people as possible, and you can’t interact if people don’t see your images!


The below advice is centered around the following goals

  • The first goal for posts is to entertain the people who follow you, to interact with them, to remind people you’re still active.
  • The second goal is to create content that engages/interests/invites people who don’t follow you
  • You want to have your images show up in the Top Posts grid that shows up for a popular tag, this is like winning the lottery of exposing your Instagram posts to a whole new set of people who perhaps haven’t seen you before.

Posting Tips

  • Post things that support your theme/concept/brand identity, save other posts for a different account/personal account.
  • Step back and imagine how the dominant colors will look together, will they be boring or will they blend together? Consider introducing full color with text to “break up” boring spreads of images.
  • Every few posts try to ask a question or state an opinion to give an opportunity for your community to engage with you.
  • Post around 5-7 tags to avoid seeming like you’re spamming/greedy
  • Use 1-2 tags that have 1+ million posts, these are like lottery entries
  • Use 3-4 tags that have 50-1 million posts (preferably around 500k). For these tags it should be possible for you to get into the “Top Posts”, even if only for a short time.
  • Use one distinguishing tag that you include in all posts. For us, all of our social media includes #dorkside, and yes, every 3rd or so post is ours.

Full Color Background Text Images

  • It can give you control over your color scheme to help break up monotonous color schemes.
  • It can engage your audience to motivate them to interact with you and each other.



I aggressively look for posts that look interesting to my Instagram account.  I didn’t say “me”, because I manage a lot of social media accounts, I decide on which slice of my personality I want represented in each account and I try to stay focused.  For example, I like macro images of insects, but none of my Instagram accounts like photos of them (very much, come on, this is cool and creepy, https://www.instagram.com/p/0b4fIqL2V9/?taken-by=insects_pics ).  If I’m managing someone else’s Instagram account, I use what I know of that person to guide me to finding pics.

Ok, here is what happens when I find a pic.

  • Obviously, click Like on the photo.
  • Be open to conversation.  For example, I saw a photo of delicious looking chicken on my food Instagram @DorksideKitchen, but it was from a restaurant in Mexico City, so I posted that I was sad it was soo far away, which I was.  Be authentic, be real, be chattier than you might be in real life.
  • I try to do a few a day.  It makes my account show up as active, it engages new people in something I’m interested in, it makes people who do or like things that I create curious to look at me, and I find it to be fun.




  • Use a reposting app that helps tag the original poster, give them props
  • It exposes your followers to someone possibly new.
  • It usually flatters the person you’ve reposted which can help form tenuous or even long term relationships.


I’d love to hear your tips and/or advice on how we can improve our Instagram.  If you’d like help managing your Instagram account, reach out to us, I’d love to figure out some sort of collaboration.