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Patrol Angis: Stalking in the Forest AAR

This is a report on my third, unsuccessful attempt at the first demo mission that comes with Patrol Angis by Gavin Syme.  This time all of the figures were painted, and I thought I might have a plan.  The goal is to get as many of the Prydians (at the bottom) off the board at the top.  The Yordist battlesuits will be trying to stop them.  Trying to outrun the battlesuits didn’t work the first two times I tried it, so this time I decided to kill my problems away by attacking the battlesuits vigorously.

Let’s see how that went, shall we?

Here’s how it started out.  The three battlesuits at the top, normally locked together as a unit, get to move and attack separately for this special scenario.  At the bottom, from left to right, I have a sniper mina (two-man troop element), a sort of  assault demi (four-man troop element), a miscellaneous demi (two heavy weapons, a rifleman and a guy with a pistol for some reason), Balthazar and Jerome (the noble commander and his guy), and a pretty standard post (ten-man troop element) with rifles, a rocket launcher and a loader.

The setup.

The setup. Prydians at the bottom. Yordists at the top

Ouch.  The Prydians won initiative with a six, so there were many activation points to spread around.  The Prydians couldn’t see through the trees, so they moved forward.  Unfortunately, the heavy weapons of the battlesuits can penetrate through a fair amount of cover, and they attacked, killing the sniper mina almost immediately and putting the hurt on the Prydian post, killing half of them.  The Prydian morale held, though.  On the left, the Prydian assault demi charged forward on their suicide mission.


The first Duxis has a howitzer.  It’s not that nasty, but it can shoot over cover.  The third has a rail gun.  It packs a punch.  The second has a laser cannon.  This thing is awful.  It gets to roll two dice to hit, it has a large AOE, and normal troops basically die automatically if it hits them.  Yuck.

Three duxis on top, to prydian troop elements approach.

Going for the Kill

We got him!  Well, kind of.  We hurt him at least.  In this scenario, I’m finding that return fire (if you live) is pretty effective.  I’m wondering if next time I try this (because I will try again until I win) I shouldn’t go on overwatch a bunch and wait for them to come to me.

Wearing him down!

Then the rail gun battlesuit decided to get even, and just obliterated the Prydian “miscellaneous” demi.  It wasn’t really a “sneak attack”, but it did come from the flank, I suppose.  Note the yellow “remotivate” token, aka “morale failure”, aka “pee stain”. 😛  That’s OK.  That Duxis got murdered on the next turn.  Why don’t I have a picture of that?  You guys believe me, right? 🙁

Sneak attack!

The assault demi didn’t get very far through the rough terrain before they got mowed down by the Duxis.  One brave Roaz axe wielder gave it his all, though, charging alone into the face of a big, fat impact-fist.  He actually almost killed it, too.  He did one more point of damage, but couldn’t find a second, and the Duxis followed up by punching him into goo.  The howitzer Duxis did die shortly after that, though.  So… that’s something, I guess.

Go out swinging!

Finally, having lasered everyone else into atoms, the last Duxis stormed forward on six activation tokens that he didn’t have to share with anybody.  Balthazar put up a good fight, and actually managed to wound the thing, but he had to use up all of his activation tokens trying to survive.  Even his ability to shake off death (once) wasn’t enough, and eventually he fell.

They probably should have run away. They could have had a nice life together.

OK.  So my plan for next time is to optimize my defenses (but not at the cost of offense), try to lie in wait with overwatch if I can’t just shoot them, and (I just thought of this) maybe give my front-line guys extra activation tokens to soak some of that damage.  That might work.

So, Patrol Angis.  Fun and challenging with some interesting tactical levers that I don’t have enough sense to use yet.  It would probably be even better with an actual opponent.  I will find somebody and bend them to my will!

Blast Pistol: Attack on Malproksima Colony!

Nordic Weasel Games has come out with another set of rules.  These are their “living” game systems, which I won’t try to explain.  What I like about it is that instead of an army builder (which is great, in general) this game has set (though expanding) army lists with names and a bit of flavor text and, generally speaking, context.  I like that context.  It makes it feel like these unit choices matter.  It also describes the universe in a “show, don’t tell” kind of way.  As for the rules themselves, they don’t try to be exceptionally clever, but they are good and, so far, fun.

There are a few different flavors of this rules system.  “Last Era” is the fantasy version.  “Blast Pistol” is the sci-fi version.  That’s the one I’m playing below.  There are a couple other version as well.

I don’t think I mention it in the comic, but Prospectors can score bonus points by finding “resources” in terrain features, not that I found any.

Anyway, to the action!












Komrades in Arms: Sattelite Reign with FiveCore

I’m trying something a little different here.  Let me know if you like it.  Or hate it.  I suppose it would be interesting to know that you had no opinion one way or the other.

This is my second game in my FiveCore Satellite Reign campaign.  This time it’s an escort mission.  Get the former corp guy into the UZYKORP lab to steal a prototype weapon.  We gave our charge an empty pistol.  Don’t want him getting himself hurt.  I should mention that I’m not using random events, as there’s too much to keep track of on my own as it is.  Also, since I’ve only got four guys, the activation level (guys activated on a normal turn) is ‘2’.

This game idea might actually be better with Nordic Weasel’s “Starport Scum“, a more RPG-ish offering, but that’s still in beta, and besides, I like FiveCore.  It’s pretty flexible.

So, here we go…


The Bank Job: Satellite Reign by Way of FiveCore 3e

I really enjoyed the cyberpunk skirmish RTS “Satellite Reign“, but having finally beaten it, I wanted more.  I’ve also been wanting to do more miniature skirmish gaming, in particular Nordic Weasel Games’ “FiveCore” system.  Peanut butter, meet chocolate.  I decided to continue my adventures on the tabletop.

Satellite Reign FiveCore Third Edition Cover

In “Satellite Reign”, you’ve got a team of four members: the Soldier, the Hacker, the Infiltrator, and the Support.  Each has a variety of synergistic upgrades unique to their class, and an array of weapons, gadgets and cybernetics that can be used by anyone.  Stealth is usually key, but in theory you can just shoot your way through missions.  Also, death isn’t a career-ending injury, since your consciousness can be downloaded into a new clone.

Conveniently, “FiveCore” supports a class structure with class specific advances and more general upgrades.  I took apart the existing classes and cobbled together my own skill lists.  I also made a few house-rule adjustments to fit the campaign concept, like accounting for the above-mentioned clones, and allowing for endless reinforcements for the corporate side.  Despite all of this preparation, for now at least, my team of agents are agents in name only, mooks, “goons” in game terms.  They’ve got no special skills and are essentially interchangeable except for their weapon choices.

Meet the agents:  The red Soldier, green Hacker, Yellow Infiltrator, and blue Support.

A photo of four miniatures representing the agents.

Soldier(Assault Rifle), Hacker(Pistol), Infiltrator(Pistol), Support(2 Pistols)

The agents are new in the City, and short on resources.  They’ve already hacked a slew of ATMs to siphon fractional remainders into their accounts, but to truly optimize the algorithm, they need to get into the headquarters of the local Haughstuen & Haasen Global compound and run some code on their servers.  As long as they’re engaging in illegal systems access, they might as well steal some larger sums to get things started.  In game terms, I’ll get to pick a free equipment upgrade if I’m successful.

Here’s the H&H Global compound.  Please forgive the incomplete paint job.  I’m working on it.  The server building, and the agents’ target, is in the upper left corner, watched over by a stationary guard.  The other two guards will wander around.  There are two more guards that will join the fray if the alarm sounds.

A layout of miniature buildings.

W&W must be renovating…

Despite the above photo, the agents don’t start in the corner.  Instead, the Infiltrator comes in from the bottom right, and the rest rush up from the bottom left.

Three figures with noise tokens.


Those invisible guys are “noise” markers, in this case for running into position instead of sneaking.  The sentries will probably head right for them.  Meanwhile, the Infiltrator finds himself trapped in his corner.  Thinking quickly, the Hacker makes a racket, distracting the sentry and luring him away from his post, and allowing the Infiltrator to slip by.


Meanwhile, the Soldier and and the Support have also painted themselves into a corner.  That guard hears them, and is going to come find them.  Desperate, the Soldier charges around the corner and tries to break the guard’s neck, but the guard stomps him dead.  The Support follows after, though, and gets the job done.  Somehow, the sentry at the HQ door doesn’t notice the two dead bodies and the sneaking Support, but she’s not taking any chances.  She grabs her team-mate and drags him back around the container out of sight.

Three figurines and some dice.

The Soldier gets himself geeked.

More figures and dice.

Smoke break!

Some figures hide behind terrain.

Drag, drag, drag…

The Infiltrator moves as quickly as he dares, trying to get behind the sentry and take him out before he notices his dead friend, but it’s too late.  The sentry sounds the alarm!  Klaxons blare!  Flashers flash!  Booted feet can be heard running through corridors!

A figure sneaks around back.

Sneak, sneak, run…

Meanwhile, the Hacker circles around a pair of power stations and gets the drop on the guard that he’d lured earlier.  The firefight lasts for several exchanges before the guard finally takes a bullet to the faceplate.

I figure comes up behind an enemy figure.

Sneak attack!

Two figures shooting from behind cover.

Pow! Pow! Ghahh!

Back by the target, the Infiltrator shoots down another guard, but is in turn taken out by two guards emerging from a sentry station behind him!

A figure shooting another.

Bang! Got ‘im! Ack!

Time is running out!  The Support makes a dash for the target, dodging reaction fire and diving behind a receiver dome and out of sight so she can steel her nerves and rush past  a hail of gunfire and through the doorway!  The seconds seem like hours for the Support as she successfully installs the virus into the bank’s system.  On the other hand, time goes by for the Hacker in a blur as he shoots it out with the guards and drops another one.

A figure hides behind terrain.

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive… Dodge.

A figure sneaks behind a building.

A lull…

A figure shoots at a guard from behind a building.

Hurry up in there!

With the deed done, and the compound on full alert, the two surviving agents flee for the exit to get lost in the thronging crowds of the City streets.

Two figures flee the board.

Run away!

Obviously, the two dead agents will have to be downloaded into new clones.  They’d lose a skill in the process, but they’re already at rock bottom, so no big deal.  The Hacker, however, gained an advance and used it on the “Drone” skill.  He now has a personal attack drone that follows him around and shoots at his enemies.  This give him a constant die of support fire, even during reactions!  Cool!  The Support spends the money from the heist on a set of light armor.  Hopefully she doesn’t get herself killed and lose it.

Two figures.

Mission Complete!

Gameplay Log: We Flee

For the past year or so, I’ve really been into indy miniature battle gaming. I’ll be posting some game logs, here is one from a few months ago.




My soldiers get ambushed by insurgents. It doesn’t go well.


Those insurgents look like short people.


Well, part of that is perspective, and part is a taller base on the soldiers, but the models ​*are*​ a tad short.




Had to scout this area. Too many buildings, though. It probably won’t go well for a five-man team.

Falling Back!

Falling Back!


One guy out of the fight, before we even made it around the trees. The rest pinned down.




Fleeing the board, dragging our wounded behind us. (Well, probably carried over the shoulder, but whatever.) My main guy got demoted after.