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DNN Interview 6 – Ed Kuehnel and the Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

We talk to the writer and creator of the “Invasion of Planet Wrestletopia” comic and how he got started in the video game industry. 

Spoiler alert, the comic is amazing. 

To find more about Invasion of Planet Wrestletopia, find them here: http://suspiciousbehaviorproductions.com/

Or Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SBP_Comics

Interview 3 – Chandler Rice, we discuss Stan Lee, comic collecting, and more

Chandler Rice has been worked with comic artists for 15+ years, he spent some time in our studio talking about Stan Lee, working with comic legend greats, and otherwise blowing our minds! 

For more of Chandler geeking out, check out his podcast, Las Vegas Geeked Out:


For comic services (grading, signing, etc): http://desertwindcomics.com/

Also, if you’re a Vegas local, make sure to check out Celestial Comics!

Ep 110: Urban Legends: Slenderman, Spoiler full Reviews of Captain Marvel & Umbrella Academy

Please review us over on Smashbomb! https://smashbomb.com/s/dorkside-news-network

Spoiler full reviews of Umbrella Academy and Captain Marvel, be warned!

Turok is coming to Switch… but how are the controls?

Batman vs The Ninja Turtles, where the hell did this come from?

Aladdin new trailer might mean the movie is watchable.

ALADDIN Trailer 3 (2019)

Doom movie is not partnered with Id software, what could that mean?

National Treasure 3 could still be happening.

Disney+ will feature the entire Motion Picture library, even the racist ones?

Season 8 of Arrow is the final season.

Emma Watson tagged for Black Widow?

Charlie Says trailer with Matt Smith looks terrifyingly amazing.

100 percent certain Borderlands 3 will be announced at PAX East March 28th

Halo: Master Chief collection is coming to Steam… one game at a time.

Weeb Central

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll partnered up.

Meeple Corner

Wizards of the Coasts upgrades their Wizards Play Network.

Dice Forge Rebellion expansion announced by Libellud, makers of Mysterium


Overwatch: Monopoly, Hasbro’s first of many Overwatch themed board games. Battle for points over objectives and collecting lootboxes


Preorder at gamestop: https://www.gamestop.com/toys/monopoly-gamer-overwatch-collectors-edition/172397?utm_source=rakutenls&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Skimlinks.com&utm_campaign=10&utm_kxconfid=tebx5rmj3&cid=afl_10000087&affID=77777&sourceID=TnL5HPStwNw-a4i3ZM530H7Zj0tFWojeoA

Release date: this October

What urban legends interest us? 


The Madden Curse

Bruce Lee murdered?

Fallout 3 Premonitions

The Killswitch game that no one beat and doesn’t exists anymore

The haunted Majora’s Mask game

Interview with Bonnie Gordon discussing Shield of Tomorrow, Library Bards, and more

Today’s interview with a creator is with Bonnie Gordon!

In this short interview she shares a bit of whats going on with The Library Bards, the amazing Star Trek tabletop RPG show, Shield of Tomorrow, and more!

The Guy in the Chair Ep 2: Star Trek Discovery, Cosplay Weapon Bans, Black Panther, and Our Favorite Video Games

Here it is, our 2nd episode of The Guy in the Chair, filmed out of Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas!

This week we have something special, Hal agreed to live stream playing Dream Daddy (a Japanese dating game) if we get 250 likes, lets help make it happen!

Also, the next livestream, November 8th, I’ll be giving out a $50 dollar Amazon gift card to one random person who comments a question you’d like us to answer during the next livestream. 🙂  Please post the comment on the youtube video to be eligible for the contest, I’ll “try” to look here too, but I don’t want to accidentally miss it!

Thanks everyone, this episode we talked about

Star Trek Discovery and its similarity to Axenar.
The cosplay weapon Ban, Security theater or valid security measure?
Black Panther. SQUEE!!!! So Awesome
Finally, we talk about our preferred video game types.


Please share what you think!

Episode One: The Guy in the Chair, a new podcast covering all kinds of fandoms shot in the Millennium Fandom

This was our pilot episode, I won’t talk too much about the content other than to warn you that we give a lot of spoilers on the season premiere of Flash Season 4 and Bladerunner 2049.

We also talk a lot about the new Star Wars trailer, but come on guys, most of you have seen it too. 😉

Ok, what I wanted to talk about is where we’re filming this out of.  This is super cool guys, we’re filming it out of the Millennium Fandom bar!  This bar is AMAZING!  And we’re going to be doing a live audience.  Here is what it looked like the first episode, behind the scenes.


This was a lot of fun, and of course we want you to watch and subscribe, but if you want to come by to the bar, we’ll be shooting around 8pm!  Hope to see you guys there!

Otakon Panel Discussion – The Rise of Strong female characters in Pop Culture


So we’re really trying to get into a position where we can spend a good amount of time helping promote all kinds of cool geeky things, as part of that, we want to record more panels.  If you’re interested in us helping record a panel you’re putting together, talk to us!

In this panel, Mariah Mallad (Momokun), Cheyenne Jaz Wise, and Thornechan join SquirrelGirl LV at Otakon for a discussion about all of the great new female characters coming out of pop culture in the form of anime, comics, and tv shows! This was SquirrelGirl’s first panel but the room at Otakon was really nice. 🙂


For more about Mariah Mallad (Momokun)


For Cheyenne Jaz Wise

Thornechan Cosplay
SquirrelGirl LV

For info about Otakon Vegas
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