The Guy in the Chair

Comicgate, Thor Ragnarok, and Loot boxes- Episode 3 of The Guy in the Chair

This last week Mer Ludwig joined us to help talk about Thor Ragnarok, Comicgate, and whether loot boxes are good or bad.  She may have been the wrong person to talk to about the negative side of loot boxes seeing as she earned 73 free loot boxes during the Halloween event of Overwatch. 🙁  I earned 7. 🙁 🙁


The Guy in the Chair Ep 2: Star Trek Discovery, Cosplay Weapon Bans, Black Panther, and Our Favorite Video Games

Here it is, our 2nd episode of The Guy in the Chair, filmed out of Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas!

This week we have something special, Hal agreed to live stream playing Dream Daddy (a Japanese dating game) if we get 250 likes, lets help make it happen!

Also, the next livestream, November 8th, I’ll be giving out a $50 dollar Amazon gift card to one random person who comments a question you’d like us to answer during the next livestream. 🙂  Please post the comment on the youtube video to be eligible for the contest, I’ll “try” to look here too, but I don’t want to accidentally miss it!

Thanks everyone, this episode we talked about

Star Trek Discovery and its similarity to Axenar.
The cosplay weapon Ban, Security theater or valid security measure?
Black Panther. SQUEE!!!! So Awesome
Finally, we talk about our preferred video game types.


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