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2 guys and a girl reliving 1993 – Capcom Tower of Doom playthrough


We got together to play Capcom’s classic arcade game Tower of Doom (on Steam).  Anna just watched us play through the entire game (as she says, the peanut gallery), while Lydon and I powered through this Dungeons & Dragons “lite” arcade game.  While we play, in each episode we talk about random bits, we’d love to have some feedback if you want to chime in on comments either here or on YouTube!

For the full playlist, go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-HynyZZ-lDUjgu-cHhmxYhYcWgQLGS2a

The concept of this format is essentially based on Game Grumps, so thanks for inspiring us guys!  I like to think because Lydon is a huge gamegrumps fan and because I (Richard) haven’t seen many of their vids (yet), hopefully we’re doing it with a bit of our own flair, but who knows, maybe there isn’t much wiggle room in this style of format.

Anyways, this game is complete so I’m posting it here so if people want to enjoy some classic arcade style smash-em ups, they can find it easily. 🙂  The essential bits to this format is a bit of nostalgia (at least for me, I loved when I found an arcade with this game in it!) combined with chattering about the geeky stuff we essentially nonstop talk about in our daily lives. (we’re pretty geeky guys).

So there you go, please let me know if we did the format justice, which games you might want to see next, etc!

Let’s Play Sentinels of the Multiverse “La Capitan”

Jason and I split up the team for the La Capitan weekly oneshot.  We nailed it, so I thought I’d share.


Jason was the artist for dndorks.com, and he does a lot of miniature gaming gaming.