Attributions – Don’t claim other people’s information as your own

So I think this is a dangerous video to post, because its sure to get people pouring through my content trying to call me out on being hypocritical.  For that reason, I’m going to immediately post my apology to anyone whose idea I hear, then forget, then think I came up with it on my own!  Send me a message, I’ll post it with an apology!

Now that that is out of the way, I’ll describe a bit of what prompted me to post this video.  Anna is trying to avoid fried food and I was craving chicken wings.  So because I generally cook dinner, I decided to make this dish I had seen over on Food Wishes.  But I don’t normally just make someone’s recipe, I look at a few and take the techniques in each and combine them.  So I was looking at a few videos and then came across Laura in the Kitchen’s similar recipe for crispy baked chicken wings.

Now they both use a similar technique, which is coating with baking powder (pro tip, make sure its aluminum free or it can come across metallic, I learned from personal experience) to make the wings crispy, but what was different, was that Laura called the technique her”secret” and Chef John said he got it from America’s Test Kitchen.  Now Anna and I have a subscription to America’s Test Kitchen and know the technique from there and have used it for years.  In the video, I say that I realize Laura could have honestly invented this technique, but I really feel like she may have claimed the same technique from the same source, she just chose not to share.

I don’t like it, it feels dishonest to me, and it makes me wonder when I watch someone’s video, whether I’m just really watching someone else’s videos being regurgitated.  In some cases, I’ve found the original person and stopped watching the “copycat”.  Now if you’re honest, say where you got something from, and still add onto it, I feel like I can trust the information, and usually feel like I’m seeing both a filtered translation of someone else’ idea but also seeing “additional” information.

Anyways, I go through it on the video so no need to elaborate much more, but I’ll just end like I do the video, be honest people, it makes you “MORE” powerful, not less!


In the video, I talked about some YouTubers, here are links to them if you want to check them out

Chef John (Food Wishes)
Akis Kitchen
Laura’s Kitchen

ButterBeer Shot Recipe & How to Approach Taking Supplements

This week I talk through making a butterbeer shot then proceed to talk about how I approach taking nutritional supplements.

Butterbeer shot recipe

  • 2 parts butterscotch schnapps
  • 1 part baileys
  • 2 parts milk/cream/cream substitute

Shake and enjoy!

For nutritional supplements, I’ve managed to keep my bloodwork perfect, despite being a programmer who sits a lot, having a bad diet, and having a genetic profile.  I’ve recognized my personal issues, and compensated by taking supplements to fill voids that I otherwise would have.

For one, I take 300mg of real niacin.  Niacin helps your body clean up cholesterol.  I have never had bloodwork come back with bad cholesterol levels, so I’ve been taking it proactively due to my family history, not because I’ve had an issue I needed to “fix”.  Some things you need to know about niacin are

1) You can’t take it near when you take alcohol because its been associated with liver damage and 2) It causes

2) It causes flush, a red burning sensation that feels like a bad sunburn.  Niacin that say they DON’T cause flush, don’t have the cholesterol cleaning benefits and have been associated with liver damage, so please avoid!

Now I’m not suggesting everyone take niacin.  The point of my video, which I’m repeating here, is that if you have something that you’re worried about or already have some slight issues with, you may be able to adjust your supplement mix to help alleviate and/or even completely eliminate symptoms!

What I notice people do, is that they either blindly take supplements for a while, then stop taking them when they “don’t” work, or they take someone else’s ideal combination of supplements.  You need to be cognizant of

You need to be cognizant of a few different things about supplements.

  • Certain supplements cancel each other out.
  • Certain supplements can’t be absorbed without another supplement

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say supplement, I’m actually talking about vitamins and minerals.  Meaning, if I need to absorb iron from a vegetable source, I make sure to take it with some vitamin C.  If I’m taking chelated zinc for immune system health, I AVOID iron sources (like spinach) at the same time.  When I’m trying to take vitamin K2 because my dark green leafy vegetables intake is low, I make sure to take it with vitamin D3 (either in supplement form or vitamin D enhanced whole milk).

Luckily, with the internet, these things are easy to find out.  Sources like webmd.com will list vitamin/mineral interactions.  Write down a list, and time them appropriately!

If you have any questions about butter beer shots and/or nutritional supplements, please post below and I’ll happily do some research, write up or record another video, and post back!

Gaming as Adults

Running a regular gaming grou p is hard.  We’re all adults, we’re all working, most of us are going to college.

Yes kids, anyone who tells you that if you quit, you’ll never go back isn’t necessarily right.  On the other hand, you don’t want to be in your late 30s going to college, do it on your parents dime!

But in addition to the various time sucks we have as adults, it also seems like there is a difference in mood that makes it harder.

#1) Adults often compromise less.  I feel like its because as adults, we don’t have a lot of people who can truly control us.  We vote with our feet, so adult gaming groups tend to have people fluctuate a lot. Basically anything irritates you, you might just quit.

#2) We have competing obligations.  Other people often aren’t as understanding why every Friday is blocked off.

#3) We’re all grumpy.

Yes, work puts a lot of stress on us.  Bills get higher.  I used to complain about having to use spreadsheets to manage our character’s treasure.  Now I complain about having to use spreadsheets to manage my expenses. Relationships get harder, and life in general just gets harder.

With so much stress, anything might push someone over the edge and suddenly. “I’m out!”

Having said that, the surviving members of our group, the ones that have stuck around, often for nearly 10 years, have committed to Shadowrun.

When I say committed, I mostly mean a few of us are going to push it through Hell or High Water.  I don’t actually know what that means, but it sounds like we’re serious!

Shadowrun is stressfully complicated.  They even made two-sided handouts to manage the various subsystems in the game.  Also, I think the handouts are to hide how complicated the fact that there is a good 20 pages of material required to run each of these systems.

Shadowrun has us playing characters similar to movies like BladeRunner or great books like Tears of Rain.  Those characters ARE NOT happy.

Our first game, our characters were super excited with all of the wealth we earned!  Then we paid most of it for ammunition and rent.  Just like real life.

That’s serious you guys.  Its not quite some Torchbearer difficulty, but one of our biggest worries right now is to earn enough money fast enough to pay next months rent. Just like real life.

Now We’re talking about having 2 GMs to run the game, with only 4 of us as players.  While I’d like to drop out of school and get a degree in Shadowrun, my wife, with her 3 degrees, isn’t having any of it. L  So thus the two GMs.

So its more complicated, requires more commitment, is higher difficulty with things more than just dying from overwhelming odds.  Why play “THIS” game?

I’ve wanted to play Shadowrun since I was in Jr High.  I got the 2nd edition book and I was EXCITED.  Here was technology that wasn’t real, but it “felt” like it could be real.  Can you imagine being able to carry around a computer a bit smaller than a suitcase?  Imagine being able to go to some business and plug into it to browse their network!  Imagine cars that could drive themselves!

Ok, for the most part we’re more advanced than that old Shadowrun book.  But at the time, WOW, it was the future! If there was a future with an apocalypse that prompted all kinds of people to mutate into things like elves, dwarves, and orks.  And the native americans get to use their powerful shaman powers to kick the white man off their land into smaller areas similar to reservations.  My 1/16th self gets super excited just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anyone to play, and even my young genius self thought it was more difficult than trig.  We ended up paying Rifts instead.

If you don’t know about this game, Rifts is this crazy world where each game author was basically allowed to one-up the previous author in power level so that basically as long as you build your character using the newest books, your character would be more powerful than the previous people’s characters.  Its kinda like magic the gathering, but in RPG form.

My shadowrun 2e book followed me around for years, but I never got to play it.   and here we are, 25 years later. Playing the 5th edition of it.  FINALLY. Catalyst Games makes it now, not FASA, and its glorious.

I feel like all of my experience in IT has trained me to understand how Shadowrun works.  In otherwords, everything is wireless and its all about hacking.  Sure some of the other players do stuff, but mostly its all about the hacker.  Which I’m playing of course.

However, we’ve missed more than half of our scheduled games.  And I worry that its not going to happen.  My night elf with mood hair might never achieve his dream of being known as the most 1337 hacker in the world.

I dread the thought of going to another roleplaying game and giving up on Shadowrun, because honestly, my group has dropped the last half dozen games within a few sessions of starting a new game.  It either means something is wrong with the group, or something is wrong with the games we’ve been playing.  The only game to really survive the test of time was this game called Red Tide.  We played murdering hobos with hearts of polished brass.  We played that game over a year, sandbox style.  Its part of why I have so much hope for Shadowrun, its mostly a sandbox-style game, whatever we want to do, we can do.

But there are lots of cracks in our foundation as a gaming group, and we’re wobbling between having great games where we’re all super excited about the next session, and cancelling sessions because we’re worried about making the next session “good”, whatever “good” means.

I’ll probably do a review or something and talk about how glorious hacking is (I guess the other stuff too), but for now, that’s today’s update.

How has your group fared as you’ve gotten older. Did it survive?  If it didn’t survive, do you miss it?  Was there a game that you really wanted to play but never got to?




FODMAPs “Why does garlic make my stomach hurt”

Alternatively, does gluten really make me feel sick even though I don’t have celiac?  Here is the link to the extended.

Here is the original script –  which barely resembles the video, but some people prefer reading over watching.

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about FODMAPs.
What are FODMAPs? Well the term means fermentable oligo-di and monosaccharides and Polyols. WAIT wait, don’t tune out, this isn’t that crazy or technical. Let me go back to the beginning and lay it out, then you can know if this affects you or someone you know, and maybe this’ll be a starting point for how you can improve things.
Ok, first of all, I’ve always had issues with certain foods. I’ll get sick after eating things like garlic and onions, but then there were other “mystery” foods that I couldn’t pinpoint what would cause me problems. Heck, even garlic or onions seemed to be OK sometimes, but not others, with no rhyme or reason why.
Well things came to a head a few years ago when I decided to increase the amount of fiber in my diet. You know, fiber is “good” for us right? Well the day after my new diet, I was sick. Like really sick. This made me even more determined to eat “healthy”, switched in some more fruits and vegetables to replace my large meat intake, and was even more sick. Switched out more food, started considering becoming a vegetarian, became so sick I stayed home from work. I kept rotating my food to different “healthy” foods but no alleviation of symptons.
Desperate for an answer, I started studying what I was eating, and noticed a lot of high fiber food either had inulin or chicory root. A bit more research revealed that inulin seemed to have this effect on certain people, I also saw something that stood out to me on Armstrong.com, an article with the title “Why does garlic make me sick”.
What the hell? I thought I’m the only one that garlic made sick.
That’s when I found out about FODMAPs. See, certain foods have types of sugars that some people can’t absorb. If your body can’t absorb it, it seems that the yeast naturally in your digestion system happily will gobble the sugar up. At first, they produce gas, but enough of them multiply and your immune system starts reacting to the out of control little guys too.
Now I said sugars, because that’s what they are, fermentable sugars. But not all sugars, particularly not table sugar. FODMAPs refers to a whole category of sugars that many people have trouble absorbing. Like what?
Fructans (my enemy, these are in garlic, onions, gluten products)
Monosaccharides (fructose, also my enemy, in strawberries, stone fruit, and of course, soda)
Polyols (those artificial sugars like sorbitol and xylitol in gum and some tooth products)
Disaccharides (this includes lactose).
Wait, did I say lactose? Yes, in other words, you’ve known about fodmap problems probably almost your entire life! This isn’t some strange or weird diet craze, you probably know someone with a lactose intolerance, which means you know someone with a fodmap problem.
Did you catch the bit where I said that fructans are in garlic, onions, and…gluten products? Yes, there has been research suggesting that people who don’t have celiac, but feel better eating gluten free, are actually having problems with the fructans, not the gluten. In other words, they could probably have all the gluten they want, just stay away from the fructans. Gluten is a protein, if you don’t have celiac, you can probably handle it just fine, the trick is how to have it without getting the fructans. That’ll be a different video. 😉
So what are the symptoms? Well if you are familiar with lactose intolerance, you probably have a rough idea.
Diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, bloating are the ones that probably make you discourage your friend from eating ice cream.
But the not so obvious ones are headaches, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and sore eyes.
For me, mood swings, sore eyes, anxiety all hit me along with intense abdominal pain, sometimes with other flu-like symptoms.
These symptoms occur in two stages for me. Sometime within 24 hours, I get the physical problems. Then, the next day, I get the psychological problems. The second wave of symptoms happens because free fructose binds with an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan creates serotonin. Inability to create serotonin results in depression and other psychological problems.
Why is the amount of time so variable? I could be wrong in my understanding, but the way I picture it, is that I’m probably able to absorb a small amount of FODMAPs. That’s why on any given day, I can have a stick of gum, or a bit of pizza, or a couple slices of bread.
Lets say the combined amount of FODMAPs equals a teaspoon. And lets say my body can absorb a teaspoon in any given 8 hour period. So a teaspoon goes into body, and my body burns through the teaspoon with none or very little leftover.
But then I get brave. You see my brain is smart enough to say if ate something yesterday, and didn’t get sick, maybe I’m cured! So then the next day, I have a slice of pizza, then eat some strawberries, then clean my teeth using gum.
I’m in for a bad day now. You see, now my stomach, or in this case, my bowl, has 3 tsp of FODMAPS, but my body can still only absorb one teaspoon. Where does the other 2 teaspoons go?
Well my buddies the yeast that lives in all of us, happily eats them. Then I have all of the problems.
But because I ate those different fodmaps throughout the day, I never quite know when I’m going to go over my limit, or whether I have more absorption power left.
So what can you do? Well first, I am pretty strict on fodmap sources that I don’t really like that much or notice I almost always have problems with. Grapes, onions, garlic for example. Second, I try to mentally tally how much I’ve eaten in any given 24 hour period, when I have had 1 or 2, I’m done for the day. Third, I take oregano pills as a natural anti-yeast when I know I’ve been bad.
Now, I rarely preach the fodmaps to people and I tell people who don’t know about FODMAPs, that I’m just allergic to things. People are trained to just accept this most of the time. This is problematic though, because sometimes people will catch you eating something that you said you’re allergic to, and they don’t understand that you can have a small amount and probably be ok.
So how does knowing this help? In some ways, just knowing that I’m not insane, that this is a real thing, and makes sense, has really helped. Plus, I’m less likely to be “randomly” sick, though it doesn’t help too much when I’m knowingly eating things I know I shouldn’t. I also can appreciate when someone lactose intolerant says they’re going to eat ice cream and just be sick later. I get that, I’m that guy too! Heck, how can I say no to roasted garlic cloves in my pasta? I’ll just feel like I’m dying for the next couple days. Its worth it…right?
Well, that was my spiel on FODMAPs. I hope it was interesting, and even more so, I hope it helps someone out there. If you have experience with problems like this, or can correct me on what I misunderstood about FODMAPs, please post down below or share this video with someone who might have similar issues.
With that, please click Like, subscribe to our channel and finally, Eat On!

Vlog the 1st: Richard’s Rants

I post my first vlog!

The lighting was crap, but Anna fixed it as well as she could in post. It was fun and apparently we both don’t mind making fun of me here and there. 😉