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Artist: Henry Wilson  Colorist: Henry Wilson  Writer: Richard Mathis

Hey everyone, first new webcomic in years!  We have more scripts, and we have Henry Wilson on board, so join us as we move forward!

There are some features of the new system I’m really enjoying like

  • Bigger comics!
  • Character tagging
  • more chapter support

We only get to see the bigger comics for now, but soon I’ll figure out how to wire up the character filtering and navigating through chapters. Then I’ll find an easier way to update hundreds of old comics to use these features too.


Richard Mathis


Richard Mathis

Richard Mathis is a software architect and CTO of CHSI Technologies. When he isn't imagining new ways to help insurance companies run their business, he's writing, gaming, or performing. You can follow his meanderings on twitter.

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