Creator Interview – James Lee Hawkins from the fan film Wolverine: Origins at SLCC17

Wow, James Lee Hawkins is intense for such a nice personable guy!

I hung out with him for about half an hour at Salt Lake Comic con talking about his latest project, a TV series called Wolverine: Origins.


What do we know?

Wolverine: Origins is one of a series of fan films/TV series by Hidden Vault Films along with other projects like Daywalker: Blade Origins.  The concept of these fan films are films true to their comic book origins, in this case, a darker side of Wolverine than we have seen up to this point in a Hollywood quality film.  Wolverine has lost his memory due to the Weapon X program but has yet to join the X-men and is trying to soothe himself with drugs and alcohol.  He’s in Las Vegas, which is bound to cause trouble because at this point a certain other person (who also regenerates) owns a casino.

We know that James Lee Hawkins has been a black belt 27 years so we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of use of some traits that we haven’t always seen which is some of the martial arts training Logan picked up while in Japan.  Personally, as I stated in the interview, I’m hoping we can see some Lady Deathstrike.  I don’t think her powers and appearance are unreasonable, and really anything that emphasizes his past connection to Japan really excites me.

When is it coming out?

We don’t know! I’ll post an update when we find out!

We hope you enjoyed the interview up above, we’d  love to hear what kinds of things YOU would like to see in the Wolverine Origins series.

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