DNN Ep 101: Why did Mortal Engines fail when Spiderverse knocked it out of the park? Plus smart diapers?

Mortal Engines failed at the box office with a production budget of 100 million dollars but only making 15 million domestic

Spiderverse flourished with a production budget of 90 million and making  over 130 million so far.


Sonic’s new look is considered a travesty.


Margo Robbie was just announced to be the new Barbie in the new Barbie movie.


TWIST – Stranger Things season 3 was announced and they trailer looks…explosive.


DNN suggests Travelers, The Almighty Johnsons and The Magicians


Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu have left Blizzard to start their own company called Second Dinner, and it’s working on a Marvel game!


Smash Bros was datamined recently and it appears the newest DLC character coming might just be Erdrick from Dragon Quest


Jeremy Soule, the legendary composer, is NOT working on Elder Scrolls new untitled sequel to their franchise.


Ash, Misty and Brock are at it again, and this time, it appears Brock might have a girlfriend!


Magic the Gathering’s newest expansion Ravnica Allegiance is sure to turn heads with their crazy creature types and newest keyword abilities.


If you want to cry because you found an anime you love but there’s no second season, look no further for our recommendations of the best “Hit It and Quit It” anime. We suggest “The Devil is a Part Timer” and “No Game, No Life”


Next Season’s Anime we’re watiing for! “Attack on Titan” Season 3, “One Punch Man” Season 2, “Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection”, “Saga of Tanya the Evil” the Movie and “Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon the Arrow of Orion”

Last Days of Kickstarter

Cthulhu: Sounds of Madness  Game Mood Music

Cthulhu: Sounds of Madness Vol 4 & 5! 1920’s & Modern


Upcoming Kickstarter

Space Empire




Battle Butts anime


 Joke Advertisement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF_nfazQaek

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