Ghostbusters Motion Comic

  The story below┬áis all about Slimer taking possession of the Ecto-1 and the ghostbusters having to trap him. The motion comic took approximately 30 hours of work from taking the photos to editing the video for movement to adding… Continue Reading


Ecto-1 30th Anniversary Lego Build

  Who you gonna call? Out of no where a green blob of Ectoplasmic residue comes at you! You dodge the oncoming assault. But even as you do, some of the slime falls on you. It distracts you and the… Continue Reading


Haunted Lighthouse Lego Set Build-Its

  The gang comes up to a spooky lighthouse. Lightening streaks across the sky… Shaggy and Scooby are shaking in their spots… Their bones rattling to the sound of the thunder above them. Up from the side cliff comes the… Continue Reading