Two Guys Hang out Building a Bench


This week, Lydon and I hung out while he built his new workbench that he bought at Sam’s Club.  He did a lot of research, so he was happy to have it recorded when he finally got to put it together.

I was recording it using this cheap shoulder rig (located here), and I think it worked out pretty well.  We’ll be wandering around a bit more, and this thing should let us have endurance for long shoots.  What it doesn’t really do, is act as a steadycam, so I’ll be buying one of those when we’re going for smoothness more than endurance.

As Lydon and I hung out, we started talking about fame, cosplay, and how we’re all heroes to our dog (kids, nephews/nieces,etc) and how if we just tried to live up to the expectations they have for us, we’d all be doing pretty good!

As we were talking, I realized that we’re in some sort of awesome renaissance where most people can pursue their dreams and passions.  I think the most important thing about the Age we’re living in, is trying to live your life to its fullest, not how many twitter followers you have.  If we’re all doing the best we can, we can all help push each other to do more and be more than our previous generations expected.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, I like to think you’re hanging out with us as we ponder life’s mysteries.  Oh, and Lydon also gives a pretty glowing review of the workbench, though he wants to update it in 6 months after he makes sure its everything he expects it to be.

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